Defiance Scrip Scrip is the in-game currency for Defiance. It is considered widely as the main currency in the MMOFPS title, since it will be the easiest to earn. Killing monsters and completing missions can provide every player most of the Scrip they need. And unlike Bit, the cash store currency, and Echelon Credit, the PvP currency, players can accumulate Scrip without spending additional cash or participating in PvP. Simply playing through the PvE portion is enough to rack up Defiance Scrip.

A huge advantage that Defiance Scrip has over the Elder Scrolls Online Gold is that the former will be relatively easier to earn for pre-order players. Defiance preorder boxes come with Scrip boosts that last either a whole week or a whole month, depending on the preorder box bought. Scrip boosts increase the rate in which Scrip is earned throughout the duration of the buff. The fact that developers have included Scrip boosts in all preorders means that it will be a very valuable and useful currency for new players.

Scrip can be spent on weapons and armor. With more than a dozen weapon types available, and each one capable of modifications, players will be rushing to spend their Scrip to power up their combat arsenal. Players should also be able to spend their Scrip on transportation vehicles, at least the starter quad bikes that will help them get around in the early days after launch. There will also be a barter system were players might be able to exchange Scrip for items, and vice versa, although there is a possibility that it will be a purely item-for-item barter system.

The Elder Scrolls Online Gold Not much information has been released about The Elder Scrolls Online Gold, but it has been confirmed as the equivalent main currency for the dark fantasy online rpg.

Unlike Defiance scrip, Eso Gold though might have limited utility in terms of powering up your hero. Developers have said that there will be various tiers of powerful gear and that to acquire these players will need to participate not only in PvE but also in PvP. This likely means that players who grind Gold will only have a limited number of power items on which to spend the currency. The best and most powerful gear will not have a Gold price based on the game’s design direction.

Those crossing their fingers that there will be cosmetic Gold sinks will be disappointed to know that player and guild housing will not be in the game at release. Hope is high though that Gold can be spent on the confirmed trading post-slash-auction house feature where players can sell items. It is very likely that Gold can be spent for these auctioned items. This is significant when coupled with the freeform gear system in The Elder Scrolls Online. Every class can use every weapon and armor type available in the game, and can gain proficiency from using each armament, which will convince players to spend most their Gold on auctioned gear upgrades.