This is a statement that too many of us there is no explanation needed. However, consider that romance is for the other person, not for you. You are trying to be romantic, a verb. You are supplying that special someone with what he or she wants for romance. Therefore, you are guessing (unless they dropped you hints) at what the other wants for romance or what they have defined for romance.

True romance knows the heart and mind of that special someone and conveying it to a noun. Conveying romance to that special person is providing them with something that they want. The feeling that you receive when you get romance perfect or as close to perfection as possible, can be better than anything else. Remember opening gifts on Christmas morning when you were a child? That is what romance can feel like when you provide that special someone with what they perceive as romance.

 It’s a feeling, mood, want, need that we all have. Even those that protest they aren’t romantic are perceiving romance as candlelight and “girlie” things. That is as far from the truth as they could conceivably be. Everyone is romantic. What gives you that same feeling that particular “set up” provides to others? If you can identify that and place it into words and deeds, you have your romance.

 Valentine’s Day provides us all with the excuse to put romance out there. For some, it makes sure they put it out there. Unfortunately, don’t use this holiday for an excuse. Keep romance in a relationship that you want to preserve and retain.

It’s not something that you need to put on your daily “to do” list but it should rank a little higher than your three month oil change or getting your eyebrows waxed on Wednesday. If you don’t, you may find yourself and significant other simply going through the motions. Going through the motions is a sure sign that you don’t want an actual relationship. A friendship yes, but love takes work, time and a little romance.

 When women are remincing about what he used to do, they are actually remembering romance. He may not say it out loud but he also has memories of those romantic things. He remembers as much as she does. Her memories may be of massages, flowers, back rubs and flowers. His memories may be of sleeping in on Saturdays, watching his ballgames with his buddies without any interruptions (believe it or not), homemade Sunday dinners that you enjoy making and serving to him and asking how his mother is doing and meaning it.

 Many blame it on the kids. You can still have romance with children it simply doesn’t occur as often as you would like it too. Also, similar to children, it may take work.

Remember, romance is a verb. It is something you provide to your significant other that they want, whatever that is. You provide it in order to receive that wonderful feeling you receive from providing them unselfishessly with what they want. What they want may not always be flowers and roses; maybe it’s a weekend for her to do whatever she wants to do, simply because she can.