So you are online, you do your job, but if somebody is asking you what you are doing 'what are you doing?' you don't know what to answer. Again, when somebody is visiting your about page, they see a long story, but not the answer tot their question: who is this guy I am reading about? This is something I see a lot on the internet, unclear about pages, Twitter profiles without any information and no place where I can see where those people are about.

Define yourself - Twitter style

What if somebody asks you what you are doing on Twitter, what do you answer them? Do you have enough characters with one tweet, or do you need more? If you need more, stop it. Cut down your explanation. 140 chars should be enough. My message is that easy: "I am a med student who loves the internet, personal experimenting and having fun. I have too many ideas and I am too ambitious, love it". A more in-depth about me is what you find on my about page. The Twitter length is just to make sure to know for yourself what you are about.

Would be nice if your message is written in such a way that you triggered the interest of people, which makes them actually go to your about page and learn more about you. Those people will be interested in you and you are giving the information you want. Obviously, this is especially important when you try to use Twitter as a professional.

Having a short answer also allows you to fully understand what you are actually doing or what you actually ARE. I don't want to talk you in an identity crisis, but if you can't define yourself in a couple of sentences, how do you expect to define yourself in more sentences? If you know what you are in a couple of sentences, you can build on that on the about page in a better, more in-depth way.

Define yourself - About page style

You understand now who you are in a couple of words, now build on that. Expand the words you've said in the Tweet, expand it in a nice looking about page. For example, I will use myself again:

  • Med student: I am now in the third year of medical school at the University of Groningen, the Netherlands. The system of med school is different in the Netherlands, as we don't have the pre-med system, I went straight from high school into med school, which takes 6 years in this country.
  • Loves the internet: I run two different blogs, one called, about college life, study hacks and personal development. The other is about your online presence: what do you find when you google your name. Besides that I love the interacting which is provided by social networks as Facebook and Twitter. The Internet is definitely a tool which made my life more interesting.
  • Personal experimenting: I love Lifehacking. Find new ways to do certain tasks, finding your own productivity time and more! StudySuccessful covers lifehacking sometimes and I write for the Dutch version of I know how to powernap, speed read and I wear a purple bracelet until I go 21 days without complaining.
  • Having fun: As a student, there is a good amount of time in my life devoted to having fun with friends, of course!
  • Too many ideas: I always carry a notebook and a pen, just to write down the ideas I have. When I do a task, I always think something like: isn't there a better/faster way to do this. And most of the time I find a faster way. I am also someone who likes to put ideas into action, which results in unfinished ideas or other people using my ideas (which isn't a bad thing)!
  • Too ambitious: I want to leave the world as a better place than when I came here 20 years ago. That is my main goal. I am currently in med school, I have two blogs, write for two more and I am in all kinds of student organizations to make our faculty a better place. Yeah, I have problems with only 7 days in one week.

That is the expansion of my 140 chars about me. And that makes a pretty good about page right? I like it at least, it says everything about me, who I am and what I do. I still miss a couple of things, but I can put that underneath it. And when you write or have projects online, link to it! Underneath such a list of things about you, you can easily link to the several project you are working on. Link to articles you are really proud of, link to project you are really proud of. You will send the visitors away from your site, but they were on your site to get to know you. Cherish their wish and do everything to make that wish happen.

Attach the people who are interested in you

Attachment is grabbing them and not letting go. At the end of the about page, have the link to the RSS feed where they can subscribe to get to know more about you. Make them sign-up for a newsletter, so you will be in contact with the people who were interested in you forever. The thing is, they wanted to know more about you and you gave it to them. Now, engage with them, make sure they have a way to get to know even more about you! Asking their email isn't a bad thing, because they will like it! The only reason people like interviews is because they get to know more about people. If somebody already takes the time to read your about page, there is a good chance they like what they see and they want to stay up-to-date!

I have a secret for you. People want to get to know you. You are awesome. People think you are awesome and they want to get to know you. Make sure you know what you are about and make sure you can deliver what the people are asking for. If you have an about page, make it in such a way that people actually get to know more about you, because that is what they want. What is on your about page?