While not always the most stylish after-market accessory out there, the good old bug deflector does a number on those kamikaze insects, keeping them off of my hood and windshield. It also helps keep those stray stones from pock-marking up my front glass.

Most of these add-on protectors are pretty quick and easy to install. Made from durable materials like ABS Plastic and Aircraft grade Acrylics, they are built to last and endure the abuse from whatever hits them ( probably not a semi, but bugs, sticks, and stones ). The leading manufacturers are doing a better and better job of designing these to fit most makes and models specifically, so they look like they belong there. Wasn't always the case with those old green jobs of the 50's and 60's, that looked like a cut-to-fit deal.

One has to wonder if the auto manufacturers will ever incorporate deflectors into the front end design, to help preserve the hoods and windshields. Seems like that would be the ultimate - then it would look like it really belonged there. I'm also thinking there might be some aerodynamic advantage there as well. If a bug deflector can reroute bugs and stones up over the top of the car, wouldn't it also do that with air and wind?

With several emerging styles, bug deflectors are available in a "wrap-around" look which extends past the hood opening, a lower profile that generally covers the width of the hood, the older type which is more straight up, and you can even get these in chrome or stainless steel from some manufacturers. Now that would have to look sharp! Speaking of chrome and stainless, it makes me wonder if these bug deflectors could be merged into the grille guards somehow.

Not that I'm trying to drive business away from the after-marketeers, but maybe the auto makers need to take a look at designing some models at least, that build some of these decent features into. Thankfully, the suppliers keep coming up with all the great solutions! Keep 'em flying boys!