Many people believe that the notions of diploma and degree have the same meaning. This is not quite correct as there is still a distinction between them that can really make the difference when it comes to qualifications.
These two notions are dedicated to people that successfully manage to complete an educational course in a certain subject area. But, you need to remember that there are a few distinctions between these that cannot be substituted for one another.


A degree course can be finished in approximately three or four years (depending on its geographical location) and a diploma can be done in one or two years. While the first one is granted to someone by a university that is accredited or recognised on a large scale, the diploma can also be given by educational or even vocational institutions.

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In addition to this, the purpose of the two ideas is quite distinct. For instance, a degree course is guided by an academic style. The curriculum that is used has a unique structure which states that the person who is planning to enroll can undergo various subjects (minors/electives) and not just one (major/specialization)
On the other hand, the diploma can be seen as more pragmatic. This tries to get a person qualified in a certain field of action. Here, the curriculum deals with academic requirements and basic knowledge but usually it focuses on the practical part of the job. Some diploma courses even include apprenticeships or on-the job training.

Opportunities (Degree)

Degree courses come with various subjects at many universities across the world. These permit students to do master studies in the area that they like and form the basis of a career in a similar industry.

Opportunities (Diploma)

The professional courses available are given at a diploma level. This way students also get a recognised qualification in a shorter time period. And after the course is completed, students can pursue their postgraduate diploma and even bachelor degree in the field they are interested in.

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Important distinctions between the 2 Ds

  1. Degree programs are divided in a way that students receive training on many other subjects apart from the main topic. Thus, the person can study multiple subjects at once. However, when it comes to a diploma, the student usually focuses on a single subject that becomes the only topic of the study.
  2. Compared to a degree, the diploma is generally more focused on practicality. The degree programs offer both practical and theoretical perspectives to those interested.
  3. Degree courses take longer to complete than diploma courses. While the first category takes three or four years to finish, the latter one can take only one or two.
  4. Students who have finished the degree courses can register for master’s degree, but the other category cannot do the same thing.
  5. The degree programs are offered by universities and recognised institutions while the diploma courses can also be offered by other institutions from within the private sector.