The Case for Dehydrated Raw Dog Food

Research has proven over and over again that owning a dog is good for your health. People who are inclined towards depression can have their spirits lifted by having to take care of an animal that showers them with love and devotion. In exchange for consistent friendship and warm, never-critical trusting eyes, your four legged friend deserves the best nutrition there is and the best care possible. Dehydrated raw dog food should be your first choice, simply because it is the closest replica of the type of food your pet would have searched for before dogs were domesticated and when they were still living in the wild.

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Before Dogs were Domesticated

Long ago, before dogs were domesticated, they used to hunt for their food. Their prey would have had a high meat content combined with some vegetable matter that the prey would have eaten themselves. Dehydrated raw dog food is the closest to what your dog would have thrived on back then, and the manufacturers of these pet foods simply allow your beloved dog to enjoy a more natural diet very similar to the way it would have been in the wild. Cooking and processing kills essential vitamins and enzymes.

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By dehydrating the raw dog food, moisture is gently removed from the raw food which prevents the growth of bacteria. By dehydrating the food at a moderate temperature and without the need for chemicals, important food enzymes are not destroyed, and the food retains its natural goodness. When the food is re-hydrated, the food becomes fresh with more nutrients still intact than what would have been left with canning or cooking. 

What is in Dehydrated Raw Dog Food

Each manufacturer of these delicious meals for your pet have different ingredients, but each manufacturer excludes harmful ingredients, ensuring the food is free of antibiotics, preservatives, corn, wheat, hormones and any artificial additives. Remember to do your research to ensure your pet gets the best. Some avid pet lovers go to the trouble of producing this dehydrated food themselves. They include ingredients that will contribute to your dogs vitality and include other ingredients designed to fight off parasites. 

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The excellent ingredients included in this dog food includes things like omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, venison and only natural, wholesome ingredients that will be of nutritional benefit to your pet and which meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO. The Association of American Feed Control Officials have set standards on which each state in the U.S. bases their feed laws and regulations. Recommendations for measuring out your dog's meal will also be available on each packet of food. The diet best for your dog will also be indicated on the packaging and will be dependent on the age of your pet and whether it is a small or large breed. The food can also be prepared in advance and will keep fresh in the fridge for up to 48 hours.

Dehydrated raw dog food is for anyone who values the presence of a happy pet in their lives, and this food contains all the vitamins and minerals to support strong skeletal development and an excellent temperament.