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Getting a Delaware low income health insurance doesn’t have to be an issue.  You don’t have to look far and wide for a health coverage that you can very well afford.

With the high cost of living on the rise, managing fiscal resources is the key towards putting everything in the right perspective especially for people who have limited financial means.   And with this is making sure that obtaining a low income health insurance is part of the picture.  Why so?   While staying in perfect health is a matter of great importance, this isn’t always achievable for everyone.  The Delaware low income health insurance is the answer to individuals, families, self-employed and even businesses wanting to have a relatively lower cost of health care to provide for any unforeseeable future need.

Laws That Govern Health Insurance in Delaware

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The health insurance law in Delaware provides for the renewability of health plans whether it covers an individual or a group.  This means that there is no way for the insurance company to make any health coverage cancellation on account of ill health or injury of the policyholder.

When a resident of Delaware opts to obtain a health plan for an individual though he is part of a group plan covered by an employer, HIPAA and COBRA will protect them.   The federal government has formulated that HIPAA won’t exclude an individual from a new plan just because of a health condition that already exists.   An employee covered by a current group plan has the right to continue with it within a specified timeframe long after the decision to stop being a member of the employer’s plan (under COBRA).


Federal law dictates that Delaware health insurance for individuals should cover particular medical services.  These services include scheduled vaccinations for children and continuous care for women who are pregnant.  Individuals who are undergoing treatment for diabetes and cancer screening are also entitled to the services.  The same law applies to patients with major health issues that need regular medical care.

Structured Insurance Programs Designed For Residents with Low Income


Medicaid is a program supported through state and federal-funding that covers individuals and families with low income and also those with physical disabilities.  This Delaware low income health insurance program allows members for regular visits to a doctor, laboratory analysis, hospital care, children immunization, prescription medication and other services.

The Delaware Healthy Children Program provides for pregnant women and children who can’t qualify for Medicaid.  This Delaware low income health insurance program is for parents whose income are considered too high for Medicaid but then too low for them to avail of private insurance.  Qualification requirements for the children are that they should be Delaware residents and fall below 19 years old.  They should either be citizens in the US or non-citizens but qualified.  Thirdly, they are not insured and income-wise they are not eligible.  Lastly, the Delaware Healthy Children Program will only cover dependents of state employees working for Delaware government.

For women with low income, they are entitled to cervical and breast cancer screening for free.  In the event that they are afflicted with any of these, then they are covered by Medicaid. 

Delaware Medicare provides coverage to seniors that include Original Medicare, Medicare Supplement and Medicare Advantage.  For trade workers and those who opt for early retirement, they can avail of the tax credit for Federal Health Coverage which shoulders about 65 percent of the premiums.

Total members of the family and aggregate income will be the basis for the total premium cost.  This health insurance program will give families the privilege to have regular medical checkups, hospital services, therapy, eye examinations, lab analysis, medication and others.

Insurance Marked As High Risk


There are individuals with pre-existing conditions that should also be covered by health insurance.  They are taken care of by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.  The Delaware Pre-existing Condition Insurance Plan (PCIP) covers the regular premiums of enrollees and extra costs they incur.

The amount to be paid for health premiums by residents in Delaware with PCIP will be the same as those who don’t have pre-existing conditions.  From ages 0 up to 34, regular monthly premiums of enrollees cost $335; from 35 – 44, it’s $402; from 45 – 54, it’s $513; and for those who are 55 and above, payment is $714.  The Delaware low income health insurance program offers breathing space for those who have budget constraints inasmuch as a total of $2,500 is deducted for services that are covered.  In addition, expenditures taken from an individual’s own pocket is limited to just about $5,950 every year. 

Individual members who are U.S. citizens can avail of the Pre-existing Condition Insurance Plan in Delaware.  They should also have no health insurance within a six-month period.   This will entitle them to make visits to the doctor and hospital, avail of prescription medication, emergency medical aid and others.

Other individuals and businesses have alternatives to purchase insurance coverage from private companies.  Getting excellent quality health insurance doesn’t have to be compromised by doing research online and gathering reviews from members and clients of specific companies specializing along this line. 

There are health insurance companies in Delaware that provide affordable insurance coverage structured for client needs.  They go out of their way to gather details of probable enrollees and give a personalized quotation for each individual needs.


The companies offering health insurance premiums for those who have low income are experienced and well-trained to guide you on the insurance coverage that would fit your specific budget.  They work closely with many carriers to make it well within the reach of clients.  The companies based in Delaware offer diverse plans to match the preferences of individuals, families and businesses.  They move efficiently and extend the necessary support at anytime their services are needed.  There is no more time to lose.  Delaware low income health insurance is just within the reach of anyone who is resourceful enough.