Delegating items on your Christmas list this year, can certainly make your Christmas less stressful, and a much happier time.

But, you must make sure and delegate a chore that you know that person can handle. I mean you are not going to give the job of cooking the turkey to your 10 year old daughter, right?. You would have her decorating the tree, or helping with chores appropriate to her abilities.

The same goes for the adults in your family. My brother always brings buns, as he does NOT like to cook, so buns and butter it is.. Here is a true story, of what can happen when you give the wrong person the wrong chore off of your Christmas List this year.

My story:

It was a few years back now, but this will go down in history for my poor mother in law, as the worst Christmas turkey ever. It was my fault really, as we all knew that my mother in law, was not the best at organizing anything. She procrastinated all the time, and did not get things done, which was a shame, because she was a very talented woman in many other ways. The kitchen was just not one of them. One particular year, she had forgot to take the turkey out of the freezer, and we all had ham sandwiches for Christmas dinner at her house. She very much loves the idea of the perfect Christmas dinner, but she just was not that way inclined, and it totally stresses her out.

So, I should have remembered, that when she insisted on being in charge of the turkey this particular year. I said OK, and other family members were bringing other dishes. My job was to get the house set up and dessert. I thought, I can handle this!Thanksgiving Dinner(133480)Credit:

Well our Christmas together was happening, and my mother in law was no where in sight. All the other relatives arrived with their dishes and gifts, and we all got chatting, and I realized, she was still not here. Suddenly she turns up and flies into the kitchen. Pushes us all out, and says she need to "finish off the turkey" in my oven. I said OK.. and we all got out of the way.

A little while later, she comes out into the living room, and we are all socializing and the drinks are flowing, when suddenly we start to hear this popping sound. It almost sounded like gunshots! I raced into the kitchen, to find my paper towels on fire from grease!, and my kitchen really hot. (I had them to close to the stove) so threw them in the sink with water, and then smoke was coming out of the oven and that shooting sound was going on.

My husband comes in and turns off the oven, and then we get the turkey out, and it is full of holes. My mother in law favors those "butterball" already injected with butter turkeys. But she had forgot to get it out of the freezer, and thought that if she thawed it enough in the bathtub to get the plastic wrapping off, then wrapped it up to bring to our house, still frozen solid, and then put it in the oven on the highest setting (500 degrees F) that it would simply start cooking. Well it did.

Well, I am not sure about the science of this all, but I am assuming the surface of the turkey got very hot, and the rest was still frozen, and the injected sites of butter, started shooting out of the turkey into the oven!. I really didn't know whether to laugh or cry, and then my father in law, tells me he has seen this before, and never quite knew what all the holes were, and why the oven would be a smoky mess!

Well the skin of the turkey was burnt from the high temperature of the oven, and the rest was still frozen, and it was well past eating time.

Thanksgiving Dinner(133479)Credit:

So, we ate all the other dishes that everyone brought, we all laughed it off and had a good time. My poor mother in law was insulted that we would simply not wait a few more hours to eat the turkey. It was already 7 pm. So, after the oven cooled and we were able to clean the oven, we put the turkey back in on a low temperature and basted it, since all the self basting butter modules had shot out of the turkey!. We thought we should at least finish off the poor turkey!

I told her, she should save her money on those types of turkeys, since the way she cooks them, the turkey does not get the benefit..

We all laughed about it later, but it caused stress that day, and although we all still had a good time, with friends and family getting together.. I think it is wise to really consider who you delegate Christmas chores to.

She now she brings her famous Christmas fudge, which she makes to perfection from an old family recipe. But she is not good with main dish foods.. So, I told her to do what she does best, and it is this fudge. So, Christmas time since then has been great. Everyone helps out, and there are no hurt feelings, or mad dashes to the corner store looking for groceries in the middle of the night, or worrying whether someone has taken the turkey out of the freezer days before!. We now know for sure that ham sandwiches are not on the menu. We did miss the turkey that day!

So, delegate your Christmas list, just make sure it is to the right people, accept help when it is offered, and you will have a great Christmas with less stress. Just get an early start on the part of the list that causes you the most stress. Get that part done early and you are set

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