Nachos are a great snack or appetizer for just your or people that you are entertaining. This is a very easy snack to make.With little ingredients and about a half hour you can make these delicious nachos.


What you will need:


1 Head of lettuce


1 Small can of taco sauce


1 Small can of tomato sauce


1 Can of black olives (optional)


Shredded cheese of your choice.Many prefer Mexican cheese as it gives your nachos more of a spicy flavor.Cheddar cheese is also a popular choice.


1 or 2 Tomatoes


1 Small onion

Rinse a head of lettuce under cold water, scrubbing it well with your hands.It is important to clean the lettuce since you don't know what farmers used on their farmers to protect their crops from animals and bugs.Pull apart so the lettuce leaves are in bite size pieces. Set aside in a strainer so the extra water can drip off of the lettuce. The last thing you want is a watered down nacho plate.

Next, place one pound of thawed ground beef in a skillet with one teaspoon of water. Add a half of a cup of a chopped onion to your beef mixture. Be sure to keep the burner on medium heat. Use your spatula to break the beef into pieces. Cook the beef completely until the pink turns brown. This process usually takes about 20 minutes. Turn off the burner but be sure to keep the skillet on so the meat can stay warm.

Open a can of taco sauce, tomato sauce, a bag of cheese and some black olives if preferred. Set aside all of these extra toppings for now.If there are any other extra toppings that you wish to put on your nachos, now is the chance to bring them out.

Drain your meat so the excess fat won't get into your meal.That extra grease can give you a major stomach ache if you ate it.Also, it would count as many calories. After all of the fat has been drained, place the meat mixture back into the skillet and on the burner on medium.

Stir in your opened can of tomato and taco sauce into your meat mixture. Allow the meat and sauce to simmer for ten to fifteen minutes.By this time the sauce should have soaked up into the meat.If it hasn't, feel free to leave the meat on a low heat setting until most of the sauce is gone. Afterward, take the skillet off of the burner and set it aside to cool for about 5 minutes.

Place meat mixture on a plate and place cut up olives, lettuce, cheese and tomatoes.Add all of these extras on top if you wish. Pour some tortilla chips in a small bowl. Dip your chips into your meat mixture and enjoy. This makes a great snack or an appetizer.If anyone at your party does not care for a certain topping, you can easily place that topping on only half of the nachos

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