When it comes to eating green and healthy vegetables most people shy away from it, especially children. But doing so is stopping you from gaining the many health benefits from eating these vegetables. A good way to eat stuff that you dislike is to make smoothies, by doing this you can add these foods into smoothie recipes, get all the nutrients and still make delicious tasting smoothies.

Ingredients like yogurt and fruit are other ingredients which again are rich in nutrients , but will add a bit of flavor and taste to your smoothies.

Delicious Tasting Health Smoothie RecipesMaking smoothies is so effortless, quick and easy to do. All you need is a blender, a few natural ingredients and healthy natural smoothie recipes to get you started to making delicious health smoothies that not only taste great, but are healthy as well.

Lets give you a few delicious tasting health smoothie recipes to quickly get you started.

The Pumpkin Power Drink – This one is easy to make, all you do is blend around 15 oz. of milk preferably evaporated. One tablespoon of organic honey, a cup of vanilla yogurt and two tablespoons of cinnamon. Make sure to thoroughly blend and top it up with more cinnamon or whipped cream to add more flavor.

The Orange Carrot Delight – Another quick and easy smoothie to prepare. All you need is a cup of orange juice, a cup of carrot juice, a cup of vanilla yogurt and half a down ice cubes to make a fantastic chilled smoothie that tastes great.

The Tomango Combo – This smoothie requires one large peeled and dressed tomato, one cup of mango rice preferably diced. Half a cup of milk, plain yogurt and 1 tablespoon of organic honey. Blend well to taste.

The Garden Smoothie – This one is a required taste all you need is one cucumber, one celery stalk, a cup of natural yogurt, half a dozen ice cubes and a pinch of pepper and salt. Like I just said this one is like marmite you will either love it or hate it.

The Popeyes Power Charger - This one require quite a few different ingredients but it is definitely worth it because it tastes fantastic. All you need is two cups of spinach do you see were the Popeye name comes from. A cup of apple juice and carrots and one banana. Blend it and add ice cubes ready for a delicious tasting chilled smoothie, that contains plenty of healthy greens.

The Tangy Broccolo – This one again is a required taste, you will need half a cucumber, four florets of broccoli, half a cup of tomato juice, a teaspoon of Worcestershire sauce, 2 drops of Tabasco sauce and half a dozen ice cubes to serve chilled.

These delicious tasting smoothies are a great way to help your kids get their healthy greens and other nutrients. That otherwise they would find very difficult to consume. These are just a few smoothie recipes, why not create your own and mix up the ingredients to find a smoothie that not only contains lots of healthy ingredients it tastes out of this world as well.

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