Want to spice up your home? DIY home decor can be a great activity that continuously grows. Dressing up a drab home is the perfect way to brighten your mood, alleviate stress and relish your creative ability. So without further ado, let's get right into ways that you could improve your homes feel and appeal while keeping your wallet sealed.

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De-clutter and Organize:

I know it may sound redundant, but getting organized and de-cluttering are the key elements to improving not only how you feel but ultimately how your home feels. With just a few hours of organizing the shelves, cleaning out that condemned closet, and getting rid of unused unnecessary items, (perfect time for a yard sale!) drastically frees up the home and your mind. Empowering you to begin your home decorating expedition.

A Fresh Coat of Paint:

A little paint goes a long way it is amazing what a change of color can do for your home, it makes an “unlivable” living room into a beautiful welcoming entertainment destination. A blunderbus bathroom into a beckoning attraction and a bedroom blemish into a slumber paradise. To get started, brainstorm some colors you feel would add a nice flavor to the room. If you're not so good with new color ideas, take pictures of the room you're considering to paint, and get a friend's opinion. Go to your local hardware store and select a paint that tailors to your decor needs. You don't need to spend a fortune on a color. A basic brand will be more than sufficient. If you need help just ask.

Buy Plants:

These are wondrous additions to any home. Not only do they add to the decor appeal, but they provide additional oxygen and cleans up the air, plus it's amazing to see these things grow over time. You may not be one for plants and constantly having to care for them, but I can assure you that there are plants that require minimal sunlight, and water. The most effort would be watering once a week minimum, and the best part is that you can find beautiful green plants for under 20.00 at your local nursery or even grocery store.

Hang Paintings:

Paintings add a great dynamic to the interior of your home, and they make the walls look more useful. Plus paintings show character and allows us to convey our self-expression, “pictures are worth 1000 words”. You don't have to buy a Van Gough or Picasso. You can simply go to your second-hand store and see whats available, often times you can pick up something that resonates with you. If you are comfortable you can check local stores, and even order online from eBay, amazon, or local classifieds.

Browse Magazines:

This is a great tip. I love picking up home decor or interior design magazines because its pure gold for getting terrific room decor ideas, bedroom design ideas and living room interior designs that really spike your imagination and creativity. Most of the examples in the magazines can be replicated and implemented in your home with a little ingenuity. You can find identical items from the magazines at your local second-hand, or retail store. Even check out yard sales. Bargains are to be had in unusual places, and often make the best home decor.

New Furniture:

Sometimes our once comfy couch has lost that spring it used to have, or that chair you've hung onto is getting old and just doesn’t seem to go with anything. Again, you don't have to dip into your life savings to get attractive, comfortable and quality furniture. Some of the best couches are those that people practically give-away. The best places to find furniture would be in the local classifieds at either the beginning of the month, end of the month, or after college/university is over. These are the best times because people are moving and usually looking to get rid of their unwanted/unused seat-ware for various reasons. This lets you scoop up bargains and add to your decor arsenal by the dozens with minimal effort.

Let In Sun Shine!

Open up the windows and let that beautiful sun illuminate all of your new home decorating additions. It's rewarding to see the changes that you have worked so hard to accomplish. It becomes fulfilling coming home to a revamped atmosphere. You can feel like you're in the home you've always wanted and relish your creation. Good luck with your own DIY home decorating!

Thank you everyone for the time you spent to read this article. Let me know how these tips have helped you below in the comments.

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