Hope is an intangible thing--or is it? From my perspective, you can hold it in your arms in the form of a newborn child. It could be the promise of a new family in the form of becoming a foster parent. It may even take the form of an ideal that is shared by many. The recent Egyptian protests may be considered another example. But how can (italicized YOU) deliver hope when you're not sure you may be going about it the right way?

Who do you believe in?

Whether we know it or not, we all believe in someone: a role model, a mentor, a parent, maybe it's a friend, or even someone we aren't necessarily acquainted with. Either way, this person conducts himself or herself with integrity and dignity. This person is someone you would feel comfortable in representing you in front of many people. And in many ways, this is the type of person whom you'd like to mirror. There are many people in this world leading and making way for positive change--pick one.

What do you believe in?

Deep down you know what you believe in and the causes that move you on an emotional and spiritual level. There are many issues in this world but you are focused on a particular few. Within these causes you find a calling greater than your own--it's that special something that you would be proud to be considered to be a part of. Find a cause that you can identify with. In time, you will learn to identify your own ways to find something to believe in.

Bring it!

There's nothing like the feeling of accomplishment. Unfortunately, delivering hope may be a thankless job but take comfort in knowing that your effort will go far in the long run. That kind word or action you pass on to someone may just be the catalyst that will plant the seed of hope into the person who may need it the most at that very moment.

Finding someone who delivers hope as well as a movement that gives hope to others are not as hard as one would think. Until you can deliver hope on your own, you can find groups through which your efforts can be of more use. It is said that something that is given for free it does not hold any value. In this context, I can only help to think that it can be interpreted that when hope is given that its value is considered priceless. This is most certainly an excellent way to show your thanks-pass it on.