How should you deliver comebacks when you find yourself in a situation where you’re at the wrong end of an insult or joke. There are a lot of ways to handle the situation, but nothing will give you the same satisfaction as turning the tables and humiliating your opponent. Welcome to the art of the comeback. In this article you’ll receive tips needed to perfect your comebacks.

Be In the right frame of mind 

Good comebacks are clever and humorous, things it’s difficult to be when you’re nervous. When you’ve just been insulted, remember to let that loser’s comments roll off your shoulder.  They could say whatever they like to you, but you being offended, you choose that. If you just think “ha, what a loser” and move on. You’ve won. But winning isn’t enough, it isn’t the same as the verbal destruction of your opponent that leaves you smiling and we’ll get to that part next.

A comeback is a response

Herein comes the fun part, a good comeback is something that is made even funnier because of how it’s told.  Take this gem of an exchange between Sir Winston Churchill and Lady Astor as an example.

Lady Astor: Winston if you were my husband, I’d put poison in your coffee.

Sir Winston: Nancy, if you were my wife I would drink it.

See how Sir Winston manages to follow the general theme of the story about coffee and throws in a veiled insult without missing a beat. With such a brilliant mind it’s hardly a wonder he won Britain the war.

I suggest you learn from the greats! Search for Winston Churchill or Oscar Wilde’s quotes to begin.

Go for the neck

When someone insults you, they’ve done so to humiliate you and get a laugh at your expense. Don’t be scared, your goal is to humiliate the person, and nothing will accomplish that quite as well as a comeback that contains an insult with a grain of truth. If they’re insecure about their weight, comment on how they sag. If they’re hopelessly stupid, attack that. If they’re ugly as sin go for that. It might sound horrible, but it’s a game they chose to play.

Destroy the pillar they stand on.

If not for their weaknesses you can undermine their strengths, if that person is immensely proud about their physique if you casually play that off as not good enough or remark how it's a shame their face doesn't match it. If someone keeps bragging about their car then put them in their place by picking out flaws in it.

Mind you if your opponent’s physique is beyond critique or if his car is truly one of the best then this approach won’t work. You can easily insult the man with a BMW, but trying to play down a Lamborghini owner makes you look bad. In the case of your lambo owner a simple “Shame you couldn’t buy a better looking face” works wonders


Let me leave you with an interesting thing to think of, that asshole that insulted you forced you to improve in some way if not you wouldn’t be reading this right? In your mind, be thankful to those jerks for giving you the push you need, and succeed at something they want. Their looks of jealousy will be the best revenge you can hope for.