Dell Latitude D600 Laptop Computer (31002)


Dell Latitude D600 Laptop Computer (31002)

Dell Latitude D600 Laptop

  • dependable
  • fast memory and speed
  • well-designed case
  • has dual pointing devices
  • lightweight
  • has an array of docking stations available
  • higher resolution
  • has battery release latch and external battery gauge
  • has built-in dual-band wireless antennae
  • has built-in Bluetooth
  • easy removal of cards
  • great warranty and support


Dell Latitude D600 Laptop Computer

  • no complete printed user's manual
  • average battery life
  • heat dissipation in hard drive and RAM
  • keyboard is flimsy
  • not enough support below the module in media bay
  • no floppy drive
  • not-so-good Dell power supply

Full Review

Dell Latitude D600 Laptop and the rest of the D-series products are considered to be the best. The Dell Latitude D600 Laptop computer offers an equal balance between performance and mobility. The latest range makes use of the company's Tri-Metal chassis design utilizing steel, aluminum, and magnesium alloy for the purpose of making the Latitudes thinner and lighter as compared to the old models. The Dell Latitude D600 Laptop weighs 2.12kg and measures 31.5cm x 25.6cm x 3.1cm. In addition, it attains its mobility target.

With the Dell Latitude D600 Laptop and the other Latitude products, you can choose between an absolute Centrino technology or have your Intel Pro Wireless PCI card swapped for the company's very own TrueMobile solutions (1400 that provides support to 802.11a, b and g or 802.11b/g). In this review, the Dell Latitude D600 Laptop is using a real Centrino unit with the utilization of Intel solution.

Since it is powered by Intel's Pentium M Processor's 1.4GHz version utilizing 855PM chipset of Intel and supported by 256MB of 266MHz (PC2100) DDR memory, the Dell Latitude D600 Laptop's functioning was fine, but not really astounding. However, it is good enough to deal with the business applications of today.

Another part of the Dell Latitude D600 Laptop's functioning that stands out is the graphics sub-system. Because it is power-driven by 32MB ATI Mobility Radeon 9000 chip, this particular model is really fast at handling a couple of games that are available at present. Those who love hardcore games may only give an average score for this model, but keep in mind that this line is excellent for business and not for games.

The output coming from this model's graphic chipset runs a screen of 14.1-inch SXGA+ screen that includes a 1,400 x 1,050 pixels native resolution conform available specs. If you want a much cheaper alternative, you can go for a screen of 14.1-inch XGA with 1,024 x 768 pixels. If you're unfamiliar with some terms used here - than I suggest you to read
"List of Computer Terminology - What to Look for When Buying a Laptop?" or "Laptop Graphics Card - Comparison Guide" for detailed explanation of terms.

As for other specs, the Dell Latitude D600 Laptop being reviewed in this article has the usual 30GB hard drive, although there are bigger choices available such as 40GB and 60GB as its sits in one modular bay with a CD-RW drive of 24x/10x/24x. The modular bay is able to accommodate several various drives; however, in case you want to upgrade from the old Dell Latitude model, then you need to purchase the latest modular drives since the one you currently have will not suit any of the D-series laptops.

The Dell Latitude D600 Laptop also gives you numerous options in terms of making a connection to the outside world. Apart from its Wireless PCI card, this model goes together with a built-in 56Kbps modem, built-in Gigabit Ethernet, plus a choice to add a Bluetooth card inside.

Dell Latitude D600 Laptop also has a slot for the built-in Smart Card reader as well as a Type II card slot (single). An IR port and 2 audio ports are joined with the two. The panel at the back carries the rest of the ports such as parallel, 2 USB 2.0, serial and VGA ports, modem, S-video port, and single LAN. There is not even a single PS/2 port, so in the event that you wish to make use of an external keyboard and mouse, then both will need to be USB items.

The keyboard of the Dell Latitude D600 Laptop has a solid touch, but the keys are thinner and lighter. Likewise, it includes a pointing stick in the middle. There is also a built-in conventional touchpad in case you don't want to use the former. Moreover, there are 4 mouse buttons, with 2 located beneath the touchpad and the other 2 beneath the space bar. Similar to the keyboard, these buttons are responsive and well-built as well.

As for the battery life, this notebook can last for about 4 hours. It uses a 4,400mAh battery along with Centrino technology. For those who want a notebook that can be used for more than 4 hours, then this is not for you.

In Closing

Dell Latitude D600 Laptop

This particular model is much better than the previous Latitude range, owing to its good battery life and performance. What is somewhat frustrating here is the fact that Dell Latitude D600 Laptop can't accommodate the modular drives of the old models, so an upgrade path won't be possible if you're one existing customer of the company.

Here is a review on Amazon about "Dell D600 Laptop 1.6ghz 40gb DVD/CDRW" coming from a content user: "This is a great laptop for the price. It functions beautifully for basic use (school, work, surfing the web, etc.). I have had absolutely no trouble with mine, and would highly recommend this product to everyday users.

I've seen a couple of bad reviews simply because users purchased this computer with the intent to make it their "gaming" computer, and then were disappointed with the outcome. Check the specs and your game requirements first. If you truly want a gaming computer, you probably shouldn't be looking at Laptops in the first place.

It's a great computer at a reasonable price. If you just need something for work, school, and surfing the web, it's perfect."

If you're interested in buying a laptop you may wish to read "Cheap Laptop Computers for Sale" for more useful info on the topic. Or maybe "List of Computer Terminology - What to Look for When Buying a Laptop?". Should you have any questions or thoughts to share with me and the other readers about Dell Latitude D600 Laptop please do take a moment to make a comment below.