Many people are quite surprised to hear that there even is such a thing as Dell scratch and dent computers for sale. In fact, it's really one of the best kept secrets for cheap factory refurbished laptops and PC's you can find, anywhere. They are really easy to find, both online, and in the stores. The savings are unbeatable with these cheap factory refurbished laptops. Let's take a little more in depth look at the Dell scratch and dent sales, and how you can take advantage of the savings.

To take advantage of the Dell scratch and dent computers online, you will need to visit the company's outlet site.

You can search for the cheap factory refurbished computers, most with only very minor cosmetic damage, and save tons of money on your next PC. To really maximize the savings, be sure you search through all the Dell scratch and dent deals, and sort according to what type of cheap factory refurbished laptop you would like. They are broken into a few categories, where you may even find laptops under $200.

Certified refurbished:

When you are looking for a great deal on Dell scratch and dent computers, you may want to select those that fall into this category. You will be able to get a cheap factory laptop this way, and it will also include a full warranty. This makes the process much easier to handle, at least in terms of mental assurance. To make it even easier to handle, all manuals are guaranteed to be included, and the warranty is unaffected with these Dell scratch and dent deals.

You will find that many of the Dell scratch and dent deals that fall into this category have had some work done on them, and are now certified to be in good working condition. It is possible that they are a customer return, or were initially defective. Since they are factory refurbished, and come complete with a warranty, you can rest assured that your cheap laptop or PC is in good working order. This really is a great way to save tons of money with Dell scratch and dent bargains. There is a 21 day return policy on all of the units, so you know you have limited risk if you go this route.

Previously ordered new:

This category of Dell scratch and dent is somewhat similar to the others, but these have either never been turned on, or have never been fully booted. This means you are truly buying a new unit, and not just a cheap factory refurbished laptop or desktop. All units are fully inspected, so you know you will be getting a good working unit.

These Dell scratch and dent laptops and computers include the same warranty as any other computer they sell. They are shipped in new packaging, and have all needed manuals and accessories. Just like their cheap factory conditioned laptops, they come with a full warranty, the same as you would get from any other unit they sell. In addition, you have 21 days to return your product, should that be necessary. You will find that you can save tons of money with Dell scratch and dent units for sale.

Scratch and dent:

These Dell computers may have been turned on by another customer, but still carry the same warranty as any other new product they sell. There may be some visible cosmetic damage to the laptops and PC's, but they will be packaged as new, and will include all needed manuals and accessories. You will save big money with these units, savings that rival those of cheap factory refurbished laptops.

Like the other categories, these Dell scratch and dent bargains can be returned within 21 days, to help minimize the risk you assume. These are really great ways to save lots of money on your next computer purchase.

More info:

As you will see from the Dell scratch and dent outlet site, there are many types of desktops and laptops to choose from. There are several ways to sort the selections, so you can make sure you find the right computer to suit your needs. You will be sifting through hundreds of results, so it may help you to sort them, to help make the whole process a little easier.

Price: You can sort the Dell scratch and dent deals by low to high, or high to low. They are highlighted in blue. This will make buying your next cheap refurbished desktop, while staying within your budget, much easier.

Type: Dell scratch and dent, previously ordered new, or certified refurbished are the selections. They were detailed, so make sure you choose the right one to meet your personal needs. There are some differences between them, so make sure you take the time to really study them.

Specific models: You can filter the results, so you can view specific models, should you wish to do so. This can make shopping much easier when you know exactly what desktop you want to purchase. This can make the shopping experience with the Dell scratch and dent outlet much more detailed and convenient.

Stockrooms: This option, on the upper left side of the screen, will allow you to sort by desktop, laptop, or monitor size. It can make shopping for your Dell scratch and dent computer much easier and faster. Convenience is really easy to find with the site.

Minimum hard drive size: This will allow you to make sure you only view the Dell scratch and dent desktops and laptops that truly will meet your needs. It really helps you save time on the site, when you know exactly how much you need. Since there are hundreds of units available, it will really help out.

Final thoughts:

If you are looking for a cheap factory refurbished laptop or desktop, you may want to consider the Dell scratch and dent outlet site. It's really easy to use, and it can really save you hundreds of dollars, or more, when you are looking to make your next computer purchase. You will get great customer support, a full warranty, and an ability to return the item if it simply will not work for you. All of these things help to make the Dell scratch and dent outlet a great place to save money.

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