• Easy to clean
  • Makes nice coffee
  • Good range of customizable options
  • Best machine in it's price range
  • Nice looking


  • The milk jug!
  • No milk frothing or un-frothed option
  • Foamed milk isn't quite dense enough
  • Water reservoir could be bigger
  • Quite noisy
  • Milk jug plug ring liable to fail

Full Review

I have owned my Delonghi Magnifica Coffee Maker for around 18 months now, meaning I know what's good and what's not so good a little down the line.

If like me, you are looking to buy a good Delonghi bean to cup machine, but your funds can't quite stretch to the Jura machines, then the Delonghi range is a pretty good alternative.

Delonghi have a number of bean to cup machines in their range – most of these are either from the top of the range Prima Donna models, to the mid-range Magnifica and Perfecta machines. I own the Magnifica ESAM4500, which I was able to get a really good deal on, which made my choice for me.

I found the best prices for the Delonghi bean to cup machines on Amazon, where they were considerably cheaper than anywhere else.

The Delonghi machines are easy to use. Simply fill the bean hopper (we probably have to fill this 2 times a week for the 28-30 cups per week we drink between us). Then you add water to the reservoir (this needs to be refilled 2-3 times a week on our consumption), add milk to the jug (this is a daily job) and push the button. And voila! Perfect coffee.

You can select the grind of beans to suit your taste and the beans you are using. You can also adjust the milk and water outputs to fit your cups perfectly. (Although it will only take standard size or smaller mugs – you can't fit anything bigger under the outputs). Another thing you can't do is change your milk options. You have to have what they call 'cappuccino' but I would liken it to midway between a latte and a cappuccino. It's impossible to get really thick foam on the Magnifica, and there is no separate wand to heat the milk manually. On the Prima Donna models you can apparently get different lids for the milk jug to produce different milk types (foamed or just steamed). The water spout delivers water, but it's not hot enough for tea. It's good enough for topping up coffee though.

Cleaning the Delonghi Magnifica Coffee Maker isn't difficult. A warning comes on the screen telling you when to descale, based on your local water type. The rest just goes into the dishwasher when needed. The grinds need emptying maybe twice a week, based on our use, and when I do that, I also take a paint brush and dust down the coffee grinds from the rest of the machine.

The one common issue we and others have had is with the milk jug. The jug fits onto the machine via a plug and it's quite common for one of the rings on the plug to break or slip, which means the milk jug doesn't connect properly and the best you get it maybe half a cup of milk or just a lot of spluttering. Before we replaced the ring, we could still just about get it to work, but it involved a lot of jockeying the jug around in the plug to get the connection to work – not what you want from an automatic machine.

In Closing

Other than those issues, I really can't complain about my Delonghi Magnifica Coffee Maker. It's a little noisy, it's not perfect, but it's a damn sight better than what we had before and we still get a pretty decent brew at the end. If I were to go back, I'd probably try and save for a Jura, but for now – it still makes a pretty respectable 7.5/10.