delta paint


convenient 2 ounce bottles

squeeze top

beautiful colors

water washup

fast drying

paint on wood, plaster, paper, canvas, leather, bisque and more


you will love these little bottles and you will want ALL the colors!

Full Review

If you have decided to take up a painting hobby, and are not sure what paints to invest in, and don't want to spend lots of money, then you should try the delta line. Delta ceramcoat acrylic paint, has a huge product line, and is a water based paint that comes in 2 ounce squeeze bottles in hundreds of shades.

These products are premixed and ready to go. They are a great creamy texture that you can just squeeze out and use just the way it is. You can mix the colors or you can purchase a whole line of beautiful shades of them, and they go a long way with your brush.

The best part is, they are affordable, you can purchase them at most arts and crafts supply stores, but you can also purchase them online. Most arts and crafts supply stores will have a color chart of all the colors available, and this is the easiest place to buy most colors, I personally found shopping online a great way to find all the different colors of the delta paint line. There are so many available that most stores could not carry them all.

If you are just starting out, you can buy colors and mix them to make your own colors, as you create more and more, you will find that the delta line carries everything else you will need as well. These can be used on canvas, paper, bisque, wood, plaster and leather.. You can also use all the products as fabric paints by purchasing a bottle of Delta textile medium, which you add a few drops to your colours and this instantly turns it into permanent fabric paint.

When I first started out painting, I headed to the art supply store and saw shelves of acrylic paints in tubes and tubs and more, and was confused. I started asking other artists, and they told me the same thing, that Delta paints were reliable, true to their colors and affordable, already mixed and ready to go, without the big mess of mixing with water.

They have been around a long time, and I can truly say that I have tried other acrylic paints, and I still go back to this line. I get excited when the new color lines come out, and have found ordering these paints to be fun. If you find the 2 ounce bottles are not enough, they sell 8 ounce bottles for the more common colors, such as blue, black, white, green, and others.

I have used delta paints, on all my canvas paintings, as well as for crafts such as wooden trays, paper mache and even furniture.. I love how they feel with a brush, and love all the other products they sell as well that can compliment your work.

If you end up with lots of bottle of delta paints, then you can purchase their display case, or you can do what I did, and just put a dot of the color on the lid and they fit perfectly into a drawer. This way you can find the color you want right away. I absolutely love this line of products, and would highly recommend them to anyone venturing into the arts and crafts world.

Delta Creative Ceramcoat Acrylic Paint Pots: Rich Vibrant Colors
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(price as of Oct 25, 2013)
you can get these cute little sample pot sets.

In Closing

I totally recommend this Delta Ceramcoat Acrylic Line of Paints..

Plaid Delta PermEnamel Paint Pot, Decorator
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(price as of Oct 25, 2013)
this line works well on glass and mugs.