easy 2 step process

create authentic fine cracks for aging your project

water wash up

Plaid:Delta 7009-2 Ceramcoat Painters Helper Crackle Medium, 2-Ounce
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(price as of Sep 14, 2018)


no cons, this is a great product

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If you are looking for some great products to create a cracked finish, or aged finish to your art or craft project, then Delta Ceramcoat Fine Crackle Finish has a great 2 step procedure to give you the crackle effect you are looking for.

This two step finish, works perfectly every time, especially if you also use the delta ceramcoat acrylic paints for the base coat.

Basically, you paint your base coat, or painting that you want to give a aged cracked finish to. Once dry, you take your bottle of STEP 1 Delta finish, and you put one coat over your dried painting, it goes on clear. The thicker the coat you put on, the wider the cracks will be. So, if you are looking for a very fine crackle antique finish, then you only need a thin coat of STEP 1.

Let dry for 20 minutes, and then coat with STEP 2 bottle of Delta crackle finish, and let it dry overnight. Cracks will form while the product is drying. It will look clear over your painting or painted surface.

Then you can antique your painting with delta antiquing gel, or watered down delta acrylic paint works well too, especially in the rustic tones, and the antique or color will sit in the fine cracks that the delta crackle finish product will produce. This is a great way to give "age' to a project. Carefully wipe off any excess gel or paint, and you have your aged project.

Let this dry for a good day, and the finish with a coat of Delta varnish to protect your project, especially if it is something useable, such as a tray, that you will want to wipe clean. You should use at least 2 coats for added protection. You can't go wrong using the Delta Ceramcoat Paint lines and products. They work well together.

I found this product, to work really well over any projects, even decoupage. You can make any painting or wood surface look aged with this effect. You can use some antiquing gel over the project and then wipe it off and the color will sit in the cracks. Try not to use too much of this, you just want to give it an aged look, but this product Two Step program works every time. You can depend on this product to give you that aged crackled look.

The Delta Ceramcoat Cracked Finish comes in the two steps as mentioned above, in 8 ounces bottles. You can order this online, or you can find it in most art supply stores. This product works best with the Delta Paint line of ceramcoat acrylic paints.

The Delta ceramcoat paint line is full of useful products for all your arts and craft projects, you can check out their website and find all the latest lines of colors and products, from textile medium to extenders and more. Delta paints are water wash up, beautiful colors and have a perfect creamy texture that does not need to be mixed. Just pour out of the bottle.

The same goes for this great Delta Crackle Finish Two Step Process. I totally trust the Delta line of paints and art products. So, if your next craft or art project, needs to have a vintage look, try a paint crackle look, then try this Delta crackle finish product and you will be very happy with the result. Just follow the instruction on the bottles for the two step process, and turn your art or craft project vintage.

Plaid:Delta 7009-2 Ceramcoat Painters Helper Crackle Medium, 2-Ounce
Amazon Price: $2.53 $1.99 Buy Now
(price as of Sep 14, 2018)

In Closing

This Delta Fine Crackle Finish works really well, I was pleased with the results.