Deluxe sock monkey kits are a great way to teach children the very basic craft and design skills that will stay with them throughout their lives.  These are very affordable, entertaining and make a good "rainy day boredom" solution.  If you want to know more about Deluxe sock monkey kits, what they are, what's involved and what benefit they are, then read this article for all that information and more.

Sock monkey kits are a modern re-hashing of the very traditional craft of using socks to make monkeys.  Older generations would use regular socks that were then stuffed and sewn up to form different body parts of a monkey.  So essentially you had the arms, legs, body, head and tail.  They were then sewn together to form the toy monkey.


What is a deluxe sock monkey kit?

Sock monkey kits like the deluxe sock monkey kit follow that pattern, but supply you with all the parts ready to be used to make your own little sock monkey.  It's a great mixture between being creative and being convenient!  There are a number of different types of sock monkey and it's good to have a look through the various sock monkey kits to pick one that suits you and your little ones; regardless of their age, you can be reassured that this is a safe toy for children and ideal to stimulate your baby’s senses


You can get a budget sock monkey kit and this includes everything but the stuffing.  If you really want to do this from scratch and don't mind buying the polyfil or whatever stuffing you choose, then this is a good and affordable way to get a sock monkey kit.  You could make a complete day of it, including buying the stuffing and making the sock monkey.  If you would rather get all you need in the one place at the one time, aim for higher than a budget kit.


Why is it the best kit?

The standard sized sock monkey kit is the kit with it all.  You could hand sew or machine sew this one, it's up to you.  By far one of the best ones that people seem to enjoy is the deluxe sock monkey kits, as they have everything you need, and you can usually put a sock monkey together in minutes, as they come already sewn, with just some simple stitches to be made to put the relevant body parts in correct places.  Whichever you decide, ensure that your children's entertainment is in mind!


There should always be precautions when attempting any craft-based activities, particularly with very small children.  Even if you aren't going to use the machine to do the sewing of the deluxe sock monkey kits, with needles and scissors around, little hands need to be taken care of.  If you have very small babies, it's best to do this while they sleep, just to be on the safe side.


The deluxe sock monkey kits may have everything ready for you, and maybe that's a cop out, but even the half an hour you spend with your children, assembling their new cuddly toy will mean something.  How enjoyable you make it is up to you, and the end result from deluxe sock monkey kits is a delightful toy that will last for years! This is a great hobby; however you could also try the downloadable knitting pattern for monkeys, as you can see I love monkeys and currently planning to adopt a capuchin monkey baby as a pet.