After being involved in an accident caused by someone else's negligence, the victim should seek compensation for his losses by looking for an expert who will determine the amount of damages and legal procedure that should be followed.

The victim is advised to immediately look for a lawyer who can make a demand letter that will be sent to the defendant for the recovery of losses that resulted from the accident.

Demand letters are important as they are the first thing that one can do in order to attain the desired compensation for the damages he suffered. Here are things that should be included in a demand letter:

  • Victim's qualification to make a claim against the defendant or his insurance provider

  • Reasons why the defendant should be held liable for the accident

  • The injuries and damages that resulted from the accident

After hiring a lawyer, the victim will be free from the task of accomplishing this letter. However, he needs to supply all the details needed by his lawyer to make a successful claim.

Structure of a Good Demand Letter

Demand letters are crucial as it will determine the amount of compensation that will be sought by the victim. So, make sure that these letters are well-made and include all the necessary details that will strengthen your claims.

You will know if you have a good lawyer if the demand letter that will be sent to the other party will:

  • Stress out the other party's negligence in the accident and why he should be liable for it.

  • Demand letter shouldn't contain your admission of any liability in the accident as this can be used against you by the insurance provider.

  • Mention specific details in the police report which will further strengthen your claims

  • State the damages of your vehicle and include photos of it

  • Describe the injury sustained in the accident

Having these included in the demand letter can help you attain higher compensation for your losses as it will show the insurance providers that you are aware of the defendant's liability in the accident and the amount that you are entitled to.

The above are just examples of detail that can be included in a demand letter for a vehicular accident. You can send out a demand letter if you have been a victim of negligence in:

  • Medical malpractice

  • Premise liability

  • Product liability

  • Boat accident

  • Pedestrian accident

  • Plane accident

  • Motorcycle accident