If you enjoy writing but are frustrated with the lack of titles offered by Demand Studios and are looking for a Demand Studios alternative there are some other better options. All involve creating freelance writing opportunities that can result in a full-time income is pursued correctly. 

If you want stable income that you can have near complete control over, you want to create a writing business with multiple customers.  This way if you lose a client you are ok because you have others and more importantly you have a system for finding more clients quickly.  This is true financial security.  Combine with some residual income efforts and you will no longer be a poor writer.

Constant Content

Operating like an art gallery or consignment shop for quality writing, the editorial controls and plagiarism checks, make sure that buyers get unique and properly written content.  Most of the buyers are looking for web content but your work may also be purchased by print publishers, newsletters and other buyers.

Constant Content provides the editorial checks, marketing, collection of the money, paying the credit card fees, and paying the writers. For that they get 35% of the sale price. As the writer you keep 65% and the writer sets the price for each level of license offered.

The minimum offer price on Constant Content is $7 per article (typically for a use license only) while plenty of normal 500 word+ articles sell for $20 to $40 each.  Specialty topics and better work can sell for $150+.

Joining the site is free and there are no fees to participate other than the commission on each sale Constant Contentthat is deducted.  Payments are issued monthly, or at the writer's option, bi-monthly.  Constant Content pays promptly.  A forum provides a place for writers to interact.

Constant Content writers who respond to public requests often develop private request clients.

The biggest challenge at Constant Content that many writers face is adjusting to the strict error free standard the site enforces to justify the fair prices that the writers can charge.  You need to become good at self editing and eliminating all writing errors to be successful at Constant Content. You also might want to shorten the learning curve with Success at Constant Content

Become a Professional Corporate Blogger

This is perhaps the safest way to assure a continued writing income because you will be building a portfolio of blogs and not relying on one employer.  

You will want to look for businesses that have a website and a blog but who are not regularly adding to the blog. Start local because it is easier to visit face to face with managers. In almost every case the company owner/manager lacks the skills and time to add to that blog that some web designer started for them.  

Make up a little presentation sheet on what you can offer.  Give several options like a package of a post every week or 2 posts a month.  Add on options might include email newsletters and articles posted for links.  You might also get work writing marketing materials and other items once you become the company writer.  

In your pitch explain how your keyword rich content will help them attract organic search traffic and customers.  Explain how you may be able to write viral content that will attract links.  

Some blog posts can be on industry issues, others on new product launches. Maybe structure a post or two as an interview with company management.  If you can round-up several clients in the same industry you can reduce your research time.  

Freelance Through oDesk and Similar Sites

odesk logoCredit: odesk.comIf you want to find companies looking to immediately hire writers, turn to a freelance marketplace like oDesk. Here you can browse through hundreds of businesses recruiting freelancers for different writing jobs.  Each site has its positives and negatives. For example, there are an important series of oDesk qualification tests that help the market decide who is actually skilled and knowledgeable at many different tasks.  

eLance, Rent-a-Coder, and other marketplaces operate similarly and all have demand for writers. There is never a need to pay for memberships or access to job listings. These marketplaces all make thier money by taking a cut of earnings for hosting the marketplace and covering the costs of transacting the payments between the buyers and the contractors.

Infobarrel (33034)

Revenue Share Sites

If you are skilled at SEO writing you can score more then $15 an article over a reasonable amount of time by posting article on a good revenue sharing site like Infobarrel. While you could use your own blog and make 100% of the ad revenue, a site like Infobarrel works for posting a wide variety of topics and they take care of hosting and managing all the ads.  Between the established authority of the site and built-in interlinking, your articles will often do better faster.  You can also win prizes and participate in a great community of writers

Your Own Niche Site

For the more experienced writer, perhaps with some web design experience, a good way to take control of your income is to set up a niche website/niche blog and fill it with content. 

Pick a topic with enough to talk about that you will not quickly run out of material, get a domain and set the site up.  Then start writing every angle you can on the topic.  

Interlink your articles, do some guest posting and social bookmarking to build up backlinks, and pretty soon you will start to see traffic.

You can monetize your site in many different ways including:

  • Adsense, Chitika, or other ad networks (Adsense is best for an ad network)
  • Amazon Associates Links (for selling physical stuff)
  • Viglinks (automatic affiliate linking)
  • Charging for posting (many ways to get these gigs)
  • Product reviews with affiliate links
  • Sale of banner ads (here is how to create the 125x125 ad blocks)
  • Running affiliate banner ads
  • Creating information products or selling other people's information products
  • Other ways


You may well want to combine these techniques to create multiple streams of income for yourself from your writing.