I know some of you are thinking this guy needs a haircut...

Demetri Martin
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A comedian, artist, and musician all at the same time...

Flipping through the channels one night, I caught a snippet of Demetri Martin standing beside an easel. In black marker, he drew a simple chair. Casually, he made low-key observations (which were hilarious) about odd uses for the chair and then began strumming his guitar.

Immediately, he reminded me of a young Ray Romano (in appearance).

Soon I noticed he didn't use any profanity in his skit which I prefer. And he cleverly played the harmonica at the same time as his guitar while making witty remarks about everyday life.

Brilliant, I thought . . he had this shaggy hair "Beetles" look about him (which endeared him to my older friends) and this cutting edge style of one-liners that reminded me a bit of Steven Wright. And his material was fresh - all things that the college crowd could relate to as well.
But his use of music added another dimension to his performance - as did his childlike drawings.
Demetri Martin at the LA Times Stage
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Academically gifted...

When I researched Demetri Martin's background a little bit, I wasn't surprised to learn that he graduated from Yale university and was accepted at Harvard. Comedians are some of the smartest cookies on the planet. It's the fact that he studied Law at NYU (on a full scholarship) that I found astounding.
Law. Something I imagined to be the most humorless career. Goes to show you, funny people come from all walks of life.
Since I tend to get a little blue around this time of year (which oddly coincides with my holiday bills arriving), I wanted to revisit Demetri Martin's work as a pick-me-up.
Sure enough, the first season of his comedy show Important Things with Demetri Martin lifted my spirits. It's two and a half hours worth of the most hilarious quips I've enjoyed in a long time.


Check out this short (2:07 sec) video snippet of ideas Demetri Martin had for a comedy special:

Demetri Martin: Rejected Comedy Special Ideas

Demetri Martin can play a multitude of musical instruments too. You may recognize him for his work on The Daily Show and his hilarious TV series Important Things with Demetri Martin too. He's appeared in films - including a 2009 release titled Taking Woodstock. Demetri Martin has won numerous awards and even authored some books.

Important Things with Demetri Martin: Season 1
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(price as of Mar 22, 2016)
Treat yourself (or someone you love) to an afternoon of laughter. Demetri Martin appeals to everyone - and pretty much every age group. I especially enjoyed season one - but season two and his books are also available on Amazon when you click and scroll down a bit. If you suffer from the winter blues (like me), grab your cat, have some chocolate, and watch this DVD.