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Dendrobium is the largest orchid genus. These beautiful orchids are originally from Asia and the Pacific region, but nowadays are cultivated around the world. They have also been extensively hybridized, and in fact most of the Dendrobium orchids for sale you will come across are likely to be hybrids. In nature, they are epiphytic (growing on trees) and found in a wide range of habitats from lowland forests to mountains and even semi-desert conditions. In the home, Dendrobium orchids survive in a variety of environments depending on the species or hybrid. Some prefer hot environments, while others thrive in cooler environs. Generally, these orchids should be potted in small pots as they have small root systems and do not like to live in large pots that can retain humidity for long periods of time, which can cause rotting. Dendrobium orchids also like lots of light, although the direct light of the sun during the hottest time of day would burn them. So an ideal place for them indoors would be a south-facing window. If a Dendrobium orchid does not get sufficient light, it may not bloom.


Dendrobium orchids for sale

Dendrobium orchid hybrid Proud Appeal Ace

As mentioned above, most Dendrobium orchids for sale from orchid suppliers and garden stores are likely to be hybrids. Hybrid orchids are a good bet for many people, especially beginners, as they can often be quite hardy and adapted to growing in home conditions, in addition to coming in a great variety of attractive shapes and sizes. There are two main kinds of hybrid Dendrobiums : the Phalaenopsis type, and soft cane or nobile type. The nobile types lose most or all their leaves in winter, and during this time they should not be watered much. They just need a little misting if the bare stems or canes appear to wither. They need regular watering when they start sprouting again in spring. Most nobile type orchids for sale in the nobile group are Yamamoto Dendrobium hybrids. They bloom prolifically, often putting out up to 50 orchid flowers in a single plant which can last for several weeks. They are predominantly yellow, white and pink. They like cool temperatures (down to 50F) in the winter.


Phalaenopsis type Dendrobum orchids produce up to twenty flowers on a single plant and retain their leaves throughout the year. They prefer temperatures in the mid 60s to mid 80s F throughout the year, bright light and lots of air flow. These hybrids can bloom more than once every year.


Where to get Dendrobium orchids for sale


At one point, buying orchids was a proposition only for the wealthy, as they were rare and exotic plants. However, with hybridization and mass cultivation, many orchids including Dendrobiums have become quite affordable and widely available. You might even be able to pick up a Dendrobium at your local grocery store for under $20.00. However, for a better selection and for quality assurance, you might want to consider buying orchids from retailers and nurseries specializing in orchids. Many of these retailers sell their orchids online and will ship them to you safely for a modest fee, so a wide selection of affordable Dendrobium orchids is just a few mouse clicks away. is a great site to shop for a variety of Dendrobium orchids online. You should also look at as they have a list of many online orchid retailers that you can explore. One caveat about buying orchids online is that you cannot be sure of the quality of the plant you will be getting, but reputable dealers take pains to ensure that their orchids are in great shape before shipping. Still, it doesn't hurt to check out reviews of orchids sellers online before you buy. Also, pay attention to the age of the plant you are buying. Orchids will sell for less as immature plants that are several years away from blooming. This can be a great bargain for a collector, but not for someone who wants immediate gratification from orchid blooms. In any case, you should have no trouble finding Dendrobium orchids for sale that suit your taste and budget.