denim tooth fairy pillow

Denim is a great fabric to reuse, especially from old soft worn jeans. Denim pillows are one great thing you can make, but you can also make a tooth fairy pillow out of denim.

This is a really cute addition to a child's bed, and they can personalize it afterwards to their own taste, as you can use fabric paints, sparkles, embroidery, beading, and more on denim.

When your child loses their tooth, they can put the tooth in the little pocket on the front of this pillow. Then in the morning collect their prize from the same pocket. This saves the tooth fairy from having to go digging under the pillow for the tooth!

It then becomes a decorative pillow on their bed, until the next time.

Things You Will Need

To make this really cute pillow, this is what you will need:

two squares of soft worn denim cut to 7 x 7 inches. (you can cut these from those worn out jeans you are done with, as long as they are clean) You can also try making this out of colored jeans, for a different effect.

One little denim pocket from a pair of jeans. (Sometimes you can find one in the front inner pocket of adult jeans, or a back pocket from a pair of jeans from a child works well too.) As long as the pocket is smaller than the square it will work fine.

polyester fill, or a filler of your choice.

sharp scissors

washer and dryer

good denim needle for your sewing machine

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Take one of your denim squares, and sew the little pocket in the center of the denim square on the right side of the denim. Only sew the bottom and sides of the little pocket, leaving the pocket to be used for the special tooth!

Take your two denim squares, and with wrong sides together sew the denim squares using a 1/2 inch seam allowance, around the edges but leave a space for stuffing the with polyester fiber fill.

The raw edges will be showing on this project. Now, take your sharp scissors, and clip the seams like a fringe, making clips about 1/8 inch apart. Being careful not to cut the seam.

Throw it in the washer and then in the dryer, and the fringe you cut will have turned fuzzy, for a soft fuzz effect. Now take it and stuff it with polyester filling or the stuffing of your choice, through the opening you had left, and then sew it shut.

You can either leave it the way it is, or you can decorate it in all kinds of creative ways with markers, beads or applique. Now you have a tooth fairy pillow! I have made this so that the finished size is 6 x 6 inches, but you can adjust this size if you would prefer bigger or smaller. 

Tips & Warnings

make sure to clean out the traps on your dryer, as lint will accumulate from the denim fringe.

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