Dennis Prager is a Jewish, politically conservative radio talk show host based out of southern California.  He has been broadcasting on the radio for almost thirty years and has had his show nationally syndicated for over ten years.  Mr. Prager is considered to be one of the preeminent Jewish thinkers of modern times and has written two well-received bookDennis Pragers about the Jewish faith.  He is a frequent lecturer and traveler around the United States and the world. 

The Dennis Prager Show

On the Dennis Prager Radio Show, Mr. Prager claims to discuss “everything in life.”  Often, Prager will discuss hotly debated political issues of the day, but he also has at least three hours every week that he dedicates to issues other than politics.  Prager has an obvious conservative bent to his politics despite growing up as a “typical New York Jew.”  Shedding the stereotypical liberal Jew stereotype, much of the Mr. Prager’s politics are rooted in his Jewish faith as well as his extensive studies of the evils of Communism, which he studied in college.  Prager frequently has some of the best political minds featured on his radio show making for some great radio.  Since Mr. Prager is the definition of a Washington outsider, most of his guests come from outside of the Beltway.  This is a refreshing relief from much of the talking point repetition that is heard so often on other radio shows from both sides. 

Mr. Prager is extremely polite to all of his callers, especially those with whom he disagrees.  His persona, wit, and uncanny sense of reason make Dennis Prager one of the most engaging personalities on the radio. 

The “Dedicated” Hours on the Prager Show

The Happiness Hour

Every Friday, Prager host a discussion on one of the most important issues in life—happiness.  Mr. Prager in no way discusses politics during this hour, claiming it to be a “politics free zone.”  For those that politically disagree with this man, the Happiness Hour is a perfect place to find uplifting, even life-changing discussions.  Many of these Happiness Hours are available on Prager’s website at  Prager has also written a book, titled Happiness Is a Serious Problem, which was on the Los Angeles Times bestseller list for 15 weeks when it was first released.   He will often discuss the issues raised from his book on his Happiness Hour. 

The Ultimate Issues Hour

Every Tuesday, Mr. Prager engages in what he has dubbed the “Ultimate Issues Hour.”  During this hour, Prager, his guests, and callers discuss some of the most important issues of our times, including but not limited to religion, good and evil, and morality.  This is another extremely engaging and life-changing hour that oftentimes sparks great debate.

The Male/Female Hour

On Wednesdays, Prager discusses relevant yet timeless issues regarding males and females.  During this hour, Mr. Prager often discusses the unique characteristics and differences of men and women and how it relates to our everyday lives.  This hour is purported to have saved many marriages of Dennis’ listeners.  It is indeed a very open and honest discussion of male/female relations that does not happen enough today.  The wisdom and insight acquired from this hour are priceless. 

In Conclusion

If you are interested in engaging, life-changing discussion, the Dennis Prager Show comes highly recommended.  Even if you politically disagree with this man, you will find him respectful and his views well thought out.  As discussed above, his three dedicated hours seldom touch on issues of politics and are focused on issues that touch all of our lives. 

The Prager Show can be heard in most major metro areas in the United States.  If his show is not available, it can easily be heard over the internet.  Mr. Prager also offers a podcast of all of his radio shows called Pragertopia.  You can subscribe to the podcast from his website for a small monthly fee.  It is indeed well worth the price, for the lessons and wisdom gained from the Dennis Prager Show is, in a word, priceless.