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Inflammation of gum tissue is known as Periodontal disease and the most common form of Gingivitis.  People who get diagnosed with Gingivitis usually have a debridement procedure preformed to remove plaque and calculus build up under the gum line and Periodontist usually recommend the use of dental brushes to help prevent the rapid growth of plaque and calculus between debridement procedures.  Dental brushes brush up between the teeth and gums where a regular toothbrush does not reach to help clean out the gingival grooves known as plaque traps .  People who do not receive debridement procedures to control the rapid growth of plaque and calculus may have their Gingivitis disease progress into Periodontitis which is a destructive form of Periodontal disease.

The most common form of Gingival disease is plaque-induced gingivitis.  Plaque accumulates in the small gaps between the teeth and although the accumulations may be small the plaque bacteria produces chemicals that inflames the gum tissue.  The plaque build up needs to be removed and using dental brushes between debridement procedures can help keep plaque build up to a minimal.
For mild cases of Gingivitis buying the largest sized gum brushes from your local pharmacy, CVS, Walgreen and grocery store should be large enough to scrub off the plaque and calculus build up between teeth but if you've been diagnosed with a more severe cases of Gingivitis you probably have larger spaces between your teeth.  Using a dental brush that is wider and longer to actually rub up against the gums and teeth to remove the plaque and calculus build up in the gingival groove plaque traps is needed.

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The picture here shows two dental brushes.  The dental brush on the left is wider and longer and the dental brush to the right is the largest brush size I was able to buy from a store.  If the dental brushes you buy from the store is not large enough, you should ask your Periodontist about Picksters or if he or she has samples of larger dental brushes they can supply you with each time you visit.  Usually a Periodontist will have free samples of larger dental brushes and if you need more you can research the dental brush company online to buy.  When in doubt give Amazon a try.

Scroll down to watch a short video close up of my teeth to see how using a wider and longer dental brush works better between teeth that have a wide space between them.  The larger brush is needed because the bristles of the brush actually rub up against the gums and teeth and that helps to remove the toxin build up in the gingival groove plaque traps that cause destruction of gingival tissue.  It's pointless to use a dental brush that is smaller than the space between the teeth because the bristle don't rub up against any surface to clean out debride.

Of course regular teeth cleaning is needed to keep up with general dental health but if you get a deep gum and teeth cleaning at least twice a year after each cleaning you should ask your Periodontist if they supply free samples of dental brushes because the Periodontist probably has the wider and larger sized dental brushes for you to use.  If your Periodontist does not supply free samples of the larger dental brushes, you should ask where you can buy them so you can use them between deep teeth cleaning or debridement procedures.

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Getting a debridement procedure done is an uncomfortable and in my opinion slightly painful procedure but having it done does help prolong you keeping your natural teeth.  If you have a more severe case of Gingivitis having deep gum and teeth cleanings at least a couple of times a year does help prolong the time of having a debridement procedure and using dental brushes daily helps too.

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