Intense embarrassment from poor oral health is the most common cause of dental phobia. The common trend for this type of situation begins with bad experiences with dental checkups, which causes the person to avoid stepping inside the dentist's office leading to poor dental health, and finally fear from foreseen embarrassment mixed with guilt. Intense fear of embarrassment often leads most people to refuse seeing the dentist even with toothaches or tooth injuries.

No matter how much you fear getting embarrassed after having your teeth checked, do remember that with all the patients that the dentist have checked, he must have seen much worse teeth than yours. The chance that your dentist will even be shocked after seeing your teeth is really slim. If you look at pictures found on the Internet, you'll see how bad some patient's teeth can be (though you may find something similar to yours, don't fret – there are people who are worse off than you). Again, dentists will not be shocked with your teeth after seeing the blackest of teeth and even those without any left at all.

If it would ease your guilt, then it would be good to know that oral health and dental hygiene are not always connected. There are people who brush their teeth properly, twice or thrice a day, and still suffer from tooth decay that her Denver dentist still needs to look into. Aging and genetics, as well as diet and bacteria present in the teeth also affect dental health.

A good trend is that nowadays lectures are no longer mandatory unlike before when they are regularly a part of dental checkups. Lecturing the patient often drives him away, and dentists know that. You should find another dentist who you would feel more comfortable with if they do try and insult your teeth. Making the patient feel as comfortable as possible and not insulting them is part of proper dental practice.