Dental Hygienist Jobs

Are you interested in pursuing a highly rewarding career in a robust, recession-proof field in health care? If so, you may seriously want to consider a dental hygiene career. As the US faces serious economic uncertainties and a high unemployment rate, jobs are scarce and families are hurting more than ever before. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment for dental hygienists is expected to increase a whopping 36 percent between the years 2008 and 2018, which is far better than most other occupations [2313]. Dental hygienist jobs will be highly coveted over the next decade. Let's take a look at why a dental hygiene career boasts such strong job prospects, salary expectations in the field and which states boast the highest salary expectations for dental hygienists.

Regardless of economic circumstances, individuals will always require oral health care, which really makes a dental hygiene career recession-proof. As the aging members of the baby boom generation require more oral health care and attention over the coming years, dental hygienists will be in high demand to lessen the workload for dentists. Many dental offices employ special dental hygienists to provide cleanings  to patients simply because the workload for the primary dentist is too great. The median dental hygienist salary was a very sound $66,5,70 in May 2008 [2313]. Keep in mind that you dental hygienist salary can increase as you gain more work experience.

Geography also plays an important role in determining salary expectations for dental hygienist s. The top five paying states for dental hygienists are as follows: California with an average annual salary of $90,220; New York with an average annual salary of $68,600; Texas with an average annual salary of $67,530; Michigan with an average annual salary of $59,200; and Florida with an average annual salary of $58,340 [2313]. Of course, you must take cost-of-living into consideration when determining where you want to pursue your dental hygiene career. Also, each state has its own licensure requirements for dental hygienists.

Clearly, it would be a very wise decision for you to pursue a dental hygiene career. Job prospects and salary expectations for dental hygienists are excellent despite the uncertain economy we face. During these challenging times, you do not want to waste your precious time and money completing education requirements that do not lead to immediate employment. Pursuing a dental hygiene career will ultimately lead to employment for you as long as you successfully complete the educational and licensure requirements.

Dental Hygienist Preparing For Cleaning
Credit: Barbaricino for Wikimedia