Dental implants have been around for more years than I thought 3 years ago when I embarked on that option. My mother talked about implanting some of her teeth 11 years ago, so they were known then and perhaps not widely accepted as a welcomed procedure.

There were options to choose other than dental impants, before I actually got to the point of selecting this choice for myself. We all have ideas of how to best handle our dental health, so I will only be telling you about my personal road that lead me to choosing dental impants. I will tell you the bad, the terrible, the ugly and the wonder of the time from start to finish.

I am a senior of 65 years of age, with all my own teeth. I take no prescription medicines and do make mostly healthy lifestyle choices for my health. I tout an excellent medical, physical, social, spiritual and emotional record. Now when it comes to sweets, I am very fond of them, so I over indulge. I am fastitious about my oral hygiene so have warded off the decay that might have taken my teeth or affected my gums that would lead to tooth loss, long before my age.

Some of my teeth have had single fillings followed by multiple surface repair, followed by root canal, followed by crowns and then more choices had to be made. One of the things I noticed about dental implants is that they are permanent. They will never need a filling, drilling or any other treatment on them.

I began my appreciation for implants after knowing the place where my natural tooth would come out of, would have a replacement tooth. Since I cannot tolerate a bridge or partial denture, I accepted the dental implant idea with both arms open.

Enthusiasm built for me since I had an aching tooth that needed to be removed. My regular dentist was not doing implants since it was a speciality he was not trained in doing, so I had to research to seek a doctor who was trained in providing me with my implant needs. It is necessary to extract the tooth just before the implanting is to begin the same day. Gum tissue tends to heal quickly making the hole where the tooth is extracted from, quickly close. Bone loss is a process that begins soon too, which is another reason to have the tooth out and the dental implant process started together.

Lots of unusual sounds are heard when the jaw bone is drilled. This is done to put the post into it for the dental implant to be structured on top of, at a later time. It is a lengthy time so the mouth is sometimes proped open so one does not tire as the procedure continues for over an hour.

Every week, the dentist looks at how the foreign body, the post, is being accepted by you. Those visits are short and might include an x-ray along with an exam. You are without a tooth in that spot from start to finish which can be 2 to 6 months. There is no pain since the entire tooth and roots have been removed. I felt a pressure as if I was bitting on an apple for those months.

When the new tooth is selected to the color of neighboring teeth, you will never know which is natural and which is implanted. I am thrilled with my new found way to chew my food, smile with dignity and know I have a forever tooth. The price is the draw back which is $4000 to $5000 per tooth.