With the rise in awareness of the consumer rights, we find more and more people seeking refuge of the law to claim compensation for what they think was a bad deal for them. While some of them may be legitimate, most of them are fraudulent and done by the clients who want to secure unfair advantage of the situation or are poorly informed about medical procedures. Whatever be the case, in order to safeguard against such practices, it is important to have dental malpractice insurance.

Every dentist who is interested in protecting his interests as well as business should look up for one such policy that can give them adequate safeguards against fraudulent claims.

Necessity of Dental Malpractice Insurance

Almost every treatment that a dentist offers is subject to a lot of scrutiny and any slight discomfort that may even happen in its natural process can lead to such a claim. The most common procedures that come under the scrutiny and therefore need to be covered by dental malpractice insurance are crown and bridge treatment.

An analysis of procedures leading to the dental malpractice insurance claims being filed shows that crown and bridge treatment accounts for at the maximum number of claims, which is about 22 per cent. These were closely followed by the cases of root canal treatment, which were about 20 per cent, while extractions accounted for 14 per cent cases. The rest of dental malpractice insurance claims were for other dental procedures like oral examinations, dental implants, orthodontics, periodontal surgery, etc.

Amounts claimed

The amounts claimed under the provisions of various dental malpractice insurance range from a few hundred dollars and run into claims for millions of dollars lawsuits. However, the heartening news is that not many of such claims are sustainable and the claims involving very high amounts of million dollars and above are a minuscule fraction of the entire range of dental malpractice insurance. For example, last year the claims of $1 million and above were just 0.001 per cent of the entire amount. As a certain studies, almost 58 per cent claims involved damage of $10,000 or below. However, claims between $100,000 and $250,000 were quite high, amounting to almost five per cent of the entire range. It is because of such factors that it becomes mandatory for all dentists to opt for dental malpractice insurance.

Reasons for dental malpractice claims

Dental malpractice insurance claims are generally because of either the ignorance of the claimant or due to be genuine mistake on part of the dental surgeon or technician. The various reasons that can be cited for dental malpractice insurance claims are nerve injuries, extraction of wrong tooth, swallowing of objects during dental procedures, adverse drug reactions, failure in implants, cuts and bruises, disfigurement, etc.

Most of these mistakes happen because of the dentist, and therefore the dental malpractice insurance comes handy to overcome the costs involved in paying for various lawsuits and the damages.

Dental malpractice insurance is therefore very important and should be resorted to by every dentist.