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Why a Dental Personal Statement?

Personal statements and essays actually give your interviews and selectors an insight into what you are really like and what your potentials are. They can be a way for the selecting personnel to get to know you better.

But for the students who are applying to a certain college or dental school, writing a dental personal statement or essay is the more difficult part of the whole process. Post graduate applicants are constantly being judged on the basis of their essay and personal statement even if they have good grades.

Does a Personal Statement Require Effort?


Actually a personal statement requires a whole lot of effort! Essays and personal statements are a way of helping the management or the dental school committee knows what you are really made of and what your likes and dislikes and personal choices are like.

Additionally, the committee is comprised of a number of people from various backgrounds who get to vote for your personal statement and your application. This means that your personal statement will go through a rigorous selection process.

Even faculty members and senior students are part of the committee and it can also have people with higher academic backgrounds like MDs and PhDs. Your personal statement has to be good enough to engage them all and keep them interested.

How to Write a Better Dental School Personal Statement

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If you are going to dental school, you should some tips on writing the best possible personal statement which can win you votes so you can get into the medical school or dental school of your choice.

The first thing you need to remember is the entire personal statement is a method of convincing the faculty and committee members that you are indeed the kind of student they need in their dental school.


You should highlight special skills like compassion, leadership, motivation and empathy and you should appear mature. Language skills and writing skills are also a plus. You can also explain that you are a student who is able to adapt to different situations.

Don’t just pick up pieces from other people’s lives or from movies – you have to be very genuine. It is important to be truthful and talk about what really drives you and what is more important and meaningful in your opinion.

The personal statement should also address topics like why you wish to become a doctor, why you are exceptional and also are you qualified enough. Always make sure you check and re check the grammar and spellings and see that there are no mistakes.



Your dental personal statement can be useful only if it holds up to the expectations of the people on the committee. Always remember that those people have so many personal statements to read all day and if yours isn’t engaging enough, they will simply set it aside and move to another one. Your personal statement should reflect your personality and it should be positive and personal.