Your smile is the first thing that gets noticed when you meet and greet people. As we get older we can lose the minerals in our teeth, which can make your teeth appear dull and no shine. Also if you are a very heavy smoker and coffee drinker, stains can appear and that is why a dentist teeth whitening program can help.

There are many options to choose from when going for a Dentist Teeth Whitening and is important that you know exactly what happens while on this type of treatment. Getting it done by a professional dentist is one of the best way to ensure you get the best results you are looking for. There are also teeth whitening kits that you can buy, which can be done at home but may not last as long as a professional dentist treatment.

teeth whitening

When choosing to have your teeth whitened it is important to do your home work first and ask around different dental clinics about price. Some clinics may charge a lot more than others, always choose one that is in your budget.There are many reasons why people are looking to whiten their teeth such as a wedding, job interview,christening and any other special occasion.

Depending on how stained and the condition of your teeth, you may need multiple treatments to get the color you are looking for. The dentist usually makes a mouth impression before starting any dentist teeth whitening treatment. This process usually does not take too long and is also not painful.

Once the mouth impression is made, it will look similar to a tray.Then the teeth whitening solution is added and place over your teeth. It is then followed by a heat light to activate the tooth whitening liquid. Once the final treatment has been finished it can last up 3 - 5 years and individuals are usually very happy with the outcome. Be aware that it is quite common to experience sensitivity around your teeth and gums, but they usually go away within a few days.

If getting a professional dental treatment is way out of your budget, there are also teeth whitening kits that you can buy to do at home. They do exactly the same job, but may take a little bit longer. It is best to try out different types of products to see which one works for you.
Always consult with your family dentist before beginning any whitening on your teeth.