strongest denture adhesives

Dentures are the conventional dental appliance used to remedy edentulism. These are made out of a polymer resin base with synthetic teeth attached to simulate a person's natural structures. While dentures are custom-made to fit the wearer, denture adhesives are needed to hold a dental prosthetic in place to ensure that it does not slip out, break or cause the patient significant embarrassment.

There are many denture adhesives on the market and they come in different forms. The patient can choose to use denture adhesive strips, creams or powder adhesives. Recently, studies have shown that large quantities of zinc may cause medical problems. For that reason, zinc free denture adhesives have increased in popularity. Listed below are some of the strongest zinc-free denture adhesives on the market today.

1. Poligrip Super Denture Adhesive Powder

2. Effergrip Denture Adhesive Cream

3. Secure Denture Adhesive

4. Super Poligrip Zinc Free Denture Adhesive Cream

5. Sea-Bond Denture Adhesive Wafers

6. Secure Denture Adhesive Cushion Strips

Denture adhesives are easy to use. It is important that the dentures and the gum area are free from any food debris before applying the product. Denture adhesive creams come in tubes like regular toothpaste. To use, apply a 1-inch strip on the palatal area and on the right and left arch areas. For lower dentures, use three 1-inch strips as well. These are to be applied on the central, right and left side of the appliance. Denture adhesive powders can be applied by wetting the denture and dusting on no more than ¼ of a teaspoon on the surface area. Shake off the excess and hold in place until it sets. If a patient prefers to use the wafer or strip form, these come preformed and adhere to the denture after they are wet with a bit of water. All the patient needs to do is hold the denture in place until it sets. These adhesives will stay put for about 12 hours, depending on the height of the alveolar bone.

It is important to remind the patient to brush his or her dentures regularly to avoid debris from building up. Dentures may loosen over time and need to be relined by a dental professional. If a denture rocks continually even with the use of an adhesive, it is due to be relined. These appliances are meant to be taken out at night to rest the gums. Dentures must be kept wet when taken out of the mouth. A patient can choose to put them in a glass of water with effervescent tablets or denture cleanser to target any bacteria that may not have been removed during the cleaning process.

Wearing denture adhesives allows a patient to go about his or her daily activities without the fear of the appliance slipping off the gums. It also aids by protecting the bone structures from breakdown and preserves the facial profile. The strongest denture adhesives are the ones that promise extra strength. This of adhesive would be best for the patient with less alveolar bone density. With the right bonding cream, powder or strip, you can go about your business confident that your dental prosthesis will stay put.