Hot weather, exercise and stress all raise body temperature, which causes people to begin sweating. Sweating effectively cools people down but excessive sweat can be quite embarrassing in social situations. Sweat itself does not have a foul odor but when it mixes with bacteria on the skin, it becomes stinky. People first experience armpit odor after they reach puberty and some experts believe that underarm odor increases with age. Thankfully, there are many products on the market designed to prevent or decrease embarrassing underarm wetness and odor.

Deodorants & Antiperspirants for Men and Women

There are many different types of deodorants, antiperspirants and body sprays available but not all products provide enough protection for adults who perspire heavily. Deodorant products mask odor while allowing a person to continue sweating at their normal rate. They contain ingredients that counteract underarm bacteria so sweat will not be able to mix with bacteria and form an unpleasant odor. Although deodorant helps reduce odors it does not reduce underarm wetness.

Antiperspirants reduce body odor by stopping the production of sweat. The products also contain ingredients that kill underarm bacteria. Aluminum and zirconium are the ingredients used to plug underarm sweat glands. Clinical strength antiperspirants contain an even higher percentage of aluminum and zirconium so that underarm sweat glands will be plugged up throughout the day and evening. Many people use antiperspirants rather than deodorant because it reduces both sweat and odor.

Antiperspirants do a fantastic job of reducing underarm wetness and odor but the chemicals found in the product are strong and some studies have shown that there may be a link between antiperspirants and the development of certain types of cancer. Rather than wearing a clinical strength antiperspirant each day people should use a few different deodorant and antiperspirant products throughout the week. People can use deodorant when they are spending time at home, running errands or while working in a low-key setting. They can use an antiperspirant that contains a low percentage of aluminum and zirconium before heading to the gym or going to a stressful job. People should save the clinical strength antiperspirant for important events such as a wedding, first date or important job interview. This will provide the protection people need without putting their health at risk.

Products for Boys and Girls

Most kids do not need to begin wearing deodorant or antiperspirant until they reach puberty. There are plenty of all natural deodorant products for boys and girls available in scents kids love. Baby powder and tropical scents are popular among young teen girls and citrus scents are perfect for active boys.

Parents should choose boys or girls deodorant for their son or daughter rather than a strong antiperspirant. Just like adults, teens should only wear antiperspirants on an occasional basis rather than daily. Many girls also like to use a fragrant body spray as well. Body sprays offer a subtle, fresh scent that is lighter than perfume. If parents choose to purchase deodorant for a younger child they should select a product that does not contain any chemical additives.

Deodorants and Antiperspirants for Men, Women and Children