One of the last things that you feel like when suffering from depression is dealing with people. It might seem like everything your boyfriend does is wrong or you just want to be alone. This can wreck a relationship or marriage. It's also difficult for the other person to understand the battle with depression. Here are some tips for depression dating both for the sufferer and those who want to be with them.

Get out there. If you are suffering from severe depression you may have a tendency to stay home a lot. This could eat away at years of your life without you even noticing it. The first step is to seek professional medical help. Then you need to start learning how to live again. You might not feel up to dating so just go out with your friends and get used to being in a social setting.

Realize when it's just the depression talking. There are times when everything seems gray. This is especially true when you also suffer from anxiety because other people's actions might send you into a panic attack. Work with a doctor and therapist to help you realize when it is someone else's fault and when your depression is taking over. This can help your relationships thrive even when you aren't at your best because you won't be blaming someone else for all of your problems.

Be honest. This doesn't mean that you have to be a downer. Whether you are starting a relationship with someone or you already are in a relationship with someone, depression is going to affect it. You may be tempted to just hide it and hope it will go away. When dating it's the norm to paint yourself in the best possible light. This can really come back to haunt you in the future. You might feel like you are putting on an act and the other person will never fully get to know you. The depression and anxiety usually just comes out in an unreasonable way that will have your partner thinking "huh?" Be honest with your partner so they understand where you are coming from and you can work on it together.

If you are dating someone with depression then avoid clichés. You may be trying to be helpful when you say "Just be happy." However, if it was that easy, depression wouldn't exist. Instead, do a little research and reading to know what you are getting into and how you can help. This doesn't mean that the other person has a right to be verbally abusive or just plain inconsiderate. View it as a challenge and a journey that you can go on together. If you really want to be helpful simply ask your partner what they need or want.

Depression dating doesn't have to be depressing. It can turn into a learning experience and even make your relationship stronger.