Depression During Christmas, Office Parties and Compulsory Gifts

Christmas is known and celebrated worldwide. It is thought to be a moment of happiness. However, why do some people feel depressed during Christmas?

There are multiple reasons why some people might feel depressed during Christmas festivities. Some people feel depressed because they feel lonely and have no one to spend Christmas with. In most western countries, Christmas falls in winter, which means there isn't much you can do outside apart from stay at home and be bored out of your mind. Another reason why people feel depression during Christmas is due to many family problems that resurface (divorce, death, children, family feuds, jealousy, etc). People feel depression during Christmas when they have to buy gifts with money they don't have or when they have to spend time with people they cannot stand. Depression during Christmas has a long list and the end is obvious not in sight

Working in an office has many benefits. One of the advantages is the famous Christmas office parties. Is it true that many Christmas office parties results in divorce and depression?

If you mean that people commit indiscretions during Christmas parties, then, that is the case. There might have been sexually charged situations along the year. If you then get these same people together with free flow of alcohol, there is sure going to be outrageous and disastrous (divorce) outcomes. Depression during Christmas office parties have resulted in people cheating on their spouse and later losing their jobs and family. There is nothing merry about Christmas if you get it wrong. That is always the problem with excesses, depression during Christmas office parties can be due to alcohol fueled all night partying. You lose more than your inhibitions; you can lose what you have spent your whole life working for.

God loves a cheerful giver. That is not what often happens during Christmas. Why is it almost compulsory to buy gifts at Christmas?

It is not compulsory but if you are all too willing to receive gifts from others, the least you can do is reciprocate the favor. That is also the problem with the spirit of Christmas and the related obligations. A lot of people actually hate the buying frenzy during the Christmas festivities. Shopping during Christmas for gifts that most people don't want can cause stress and a little depression. Those who stand to gain are the people behind the marketing. That is to say the churches, the shops and online marketers. If you don't buy into the hype of giving during Christmas, you might save yourself money and the harrowing experience of buying gifts nobody wants. Depression during Christmas is often brought on by feeling the urge to celebrate. That being said not everyone is depressed during Christmas but it does happen to a lot of people.