Brands of Depression Stress Relief Pills

Depression is just a part of life and no one can avoid it. For some people, the stress of daily life builds up high and turns into depression. Depression makes such people seek help. Some people still believe that depression is not a medical issue and won't consult their doctors. The fact is clear. Clinical depression is physical and if left untreated can tear a person apart. This can make people take extreme action and commit suicide, just to get away from the pain. For others, depression causes them to lose their felling. They may lose all interest in life and fell that they do not deserve to live.

There are many drugs which help a person to control his depression and prevent it. If these drugs are taken regularly, the depression won't last very long. There are people who feel that taking depression and stress relief pills make them appear weaker or less in some way, than others around them. It is just not true and the people should know that taking stress and depression pills is same as taking help from a cast on leg or crutches to walk.
With that thought in mind, more people will come forward and get the help that they really need. There are many medicines now that can affect the brain by better regulating the chemical release of serotonin. The person's mood and attitude will get better and will allow the person to control things better and not lead to stress and depression.


Many people have heard about the drug called Prozac but very few have understood its actual purpose and effects. Prozac is a pill that efficiently controls depression. It allows fo a person to control continuing depression that interferes with their daily activities. It also has a generic equal called Fluoxetine. Fluoxetine is the same as stress and depression pills. The difference is that one costs less as it has no brand name and is generic.


Wellbutrin is another type of stress and depression pill. Wellbutrin works by affecting the production of two chemicals in the brain. Namely dopamine and norepinephrine. These chemicals are believed to help change moods. It usually comes in 150 mgs to 200 mgs. This pill, just like all prescription drugs should be monitored by a doctor. If something does not feel right make sure to call your physician immediately and discuss the symptoms.


One more depression and stress relief pill is Zoloft. Zoloft is even more powerful than the others. It is prescribed for people who suffer from extreme depression and stress. People with high depression levels are usually very touchy and will be in a very low mood that stays the same everyday. People with major depression are more susceptible to the extreme measure of suicide. Taking a depression and stress relief pill can really help a person feel better and handle stress in a better way.