Depression symptoms

and what causes depression really varies. A lot of things can trigger depression. Depression can be just the case of the Monday blues, or a very serious illness. It's something millions of Americans suffer from. It causes one to lose pleasure in the things that they'd normally enjoy. The feeling mostly tends to make you feel loneliness. Depression has a way of making some feel like they are in this dark hole, all alone. It's a scary feeling for one to have.

Depression symptoms. Symptoms of depression can be anger, sadness, lack of sleep, lack of hope, loss in appetite, negative thinking, stress, anxiety, and even physical pain. Serious depression is where one feels extreme and severe sadness, that can trigger quite easily. It can come out of nowhere pretty much. Any thoughts of suicide is obviously an example of a severe case of depression.

What causes depression can be heavy dosage of alcohol. Those who have drug abuse, or are alcoholics, they are depressed people. They use these substances to try to feel something. Depression can cause emotional pain and damage to oneself. So these substances can be used to try self medicate oneself.

There are even foods that we eat can cause depression. There are foods that can also help with depression. Eating foods high in antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids, and vitamins helps fight depression. Eating healthy, and getting enough protein in your diet can change ones mental outcome. Your brain needs fatty acids, and a lot of those foods you eat to lose weight, or lower cholesterol, you should also be eating foods to support a health brain functioning. Taking substances like Omega-3 fish oils and Ginkgo can support a healthy brain function and help you deal with depression.

Not drinking enough water can cause one depression. It's important to get your 8 glasses of cold water daily. Those who don't drink enough can become constipated. 85% of the brain tissue is made from water. Dehydration can cause on to become depressed, according to studies.