Which Derma Roller is the Best?

Derma rollers work very well for getting rid of blemishes, scars and it even smoothens tired, wrinkled skin. But the sheer number and variety of  derma roller products available online can be downright confusing. Fret not! Read on and I will give you some tips on how to choose the perfect dermaroller! 

If you are like me and like to scour the web for the best bargains, you may be attracted to the Dermaroller in the first place because of its low cost compared to other treatment options like clinical laser and dermabrasion. If you purchase them online, dermarollers typically cost you less than $50. 

I purchased my first dermaroller from EBay for less than $10. Yes, you read me right, it was that cheap! I couldn't really see any significant difference between the different brands, and I honestly thought I was getting a very good deal. Well, that was until I started using it. I noticed that the needles became bent easily and some of them eventually fell off the roller altogether. What looked like a very professional and high quality product on the outside turned out to be a very poorly manufactured piece of equipment. In the derma roller world, unfortunately, lowest price usually does translates to poorest quality. 

Tip #1: Do not be tempted to purchase a derma roller based just on its price 

Despite the bad intial experience with derma rollers, I was determined not to give up on dermarolling as I have heard and read many positive testimonials about people getting excellent results using derma rollers. So I started to do more research. Apparently, the original Dermaroller was patented and manufactured by a German engineering company. They still manufacture these derma rollers and sell them to dermatologists and medical offices at premium prices.

The good news is that derma rollers do not involve very sophisticated technology, and competitors started to produce very good quality derma rollers at lower and lower prices. However, these days there are also alot of mass-produced derma rollers made of low-grade steel and filmsy plastic in the market. Worse of all, many of these junk products are very well packaged and branded, and look fabulous on the outside. In fact, you can find many different brands of derma rollers being sold online that are essentially the same product even though they come in different packaging and containers! It is very likely that these derma rollers are sourced from the same factory, and simply re-packaged and marketed differently. 

With such a fragmented derma roller market, I came to the conclusion that I can't really rely on the description and reviews coming from online merchants, shops and marketers. My best bet, I realized, was to rely on customer reviews - people who have actually used the product and have results to show for.  After carefully reading through customer reviews, I finally purchased the NEW SPA derma roller from Amazon.com. I was impressed by the number of positive reviews (mostly 4 or 5 star ratings) from customers. Many customers reported that the derma roller worked well even for scars, stretch marks and wrinkles that are many years or even decades old. Some of the reviews even came from aestheticians who had very positive results using the NEW SPA derma roller and higly recommended it. 

My Personal Experience Using the NEW SPA derma roller

New Spa Derma RollerThe New Spa dermaroller

is definitely a product I would recommend for anyone serious about getting rid of their skin blemishes, or simply wanting a more youthful, glowing appearance. Quality wise, it was excellent, with needles made of surgical grade steel, and sturdily constructed. After 3 months of use, I found that the mild pitted acne scars on my cheeks and temples have almost completely disappeared. As for the deeper scars, their appearance have been reduced by about 50% so far. Even though I am only in my late twenties, I have had wrinkles/ fine lines on my forehead and around the mouth area since my late teens. After the dermarolling sessions, I find that they are now only visible under strong light or when viewed very closed up. I am not sure if I will see continued improvement in my skin condition using the dermaroller, but I will definitely carry on using it and monitor the results.

Tip #2: Read customer reviews carefully and purchase from a reputable online retailer

Length does Matter

After you have zeroed in on a particular brand of derma roller, and feel comfortable with the customer reviews given for the product, there is one more important consideration to keep in mind: the needle length of the derma roller.  As a general rule of thumb, the more severe the skin condition, the longer the needle length you should use for effective results. If you are just starting out on dermarolling, you might want to consider using shorter needle lengths to minimize the potential discomfort and condition your skin before using longer needle lengths. Here is a guide on what needle length to choose for different skin conditions:

  • 0.5mm – Wrinkles, light acne scars, mild chicken pox and ice pick scars,
  • 1.0mm, 1.5mm – Deep stretch marks, cellulite and deep scarring — 1.5mm is also the maximum needle length recommended for use on your face
  • 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm – For severe scarring and stretch marks. Extra care should be taken when using needles of such lengths, especially on the face, seek a doctor’s or trained professional’s advice if required

Tip #3: Purchase a roller with the right needle length for your skin condition

Wishing you good luck, and smooth, radiant skin!

I hope this article has given you enough information to make a smart decision when buying a derma roller. Do leave a comment if you have any questions or opinions. Best of luck!