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Home derma rolling versus professional sessions
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What Is Derma Rolling? 

Scar therapy, skin needling, non-surgical skin treatment – you may know derma rolling by one of several different names but the science behind this skin rejuvenation method is irrefutable. The derma rolling machine may look a little scary but when used properly it should cause little discomfort. Derma rollers have hundreds of tiny needles that are used to puncture the skin. Derma rolling will not permanently damage your skin but you should be prepared to deal with red and inflamed skin as well as a little blood. In other words, skin needling isn't for the faint of heart but it does produce incredible results.

Derma rolling is fast becoming the  #1 skin care treatment for discoloration, scars, acne scaring, cellulite, stretch marks, wrinkles and overall skin rejuvenation. In fact, men and women that have considered cosmetic surgery find that using a derma roller can produce results that are comparable to going under the knife. So what making derma rolling from any other fad skin therapy treatment? The main difference is nearly all other skin care equipment works at a superficial level. In other words, nothing else can get under the epidermis quite like the derma roller.Safe and effective for diminishing wrinklesCredit: Courtesy Stock.xchang user jdurham123


Why Derma Rolling Works

Since you already know that derma rollers contain needles that are used to produce microscopic puncture wounds you may be wondering why this is effective. Skin oils, creams, lotions and even microdermabrasion is only effective on the top layer of the skin. Most scars form in the dermis, which is why so many doctors say that skin treatments can only improve their appearance and not eliminate them completely. Derma rolling may not completely eliminate your scars but the improvement will be substantial.

When your skin gets injured the body responds by going into collagen production overload. The human body is only concerned with healing wounds as quickly as possible, which is why stretch marks, acne scars, keloids and discoloration occurs. If you use a high quality oil or lotion that is full ingredients that promote healthy skin in conjunction with derma rolling then you may only need a few treatments before you are satisfied. It isn't necessary to purchase skin creams that are specifically intended to treat stretch marks and scars, however, you should pay attention to the ingredients that they contain.

Some people also use chemical peels in between derma rolling sessions. Safe chemical peel treatments consist of TCA, glycolic and and salicylic acid, although it is important to follow directions carefully to prevent against damage. A chemical peel should never be done directly before derma rolling because it will cause excruciating pain and it could cause your skin to be permanently damaged.

Derma rollers not only allow for beneficial oils, creams and lotions to get into the dermis, they also help the human body to 'correct' existing scars. It is easy to confuse inflammation with progress so be sure to wait a few weeks before analyzing your results. Depending on what part of your body you are treating you will want to wait anywhere between two to 30 days before skin treatments.

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Derma Rolling –
Home Use Vs. Dermatologists

Many skin care experts recommend for patients to visit licensed dermatologists for derma rolling procedures. This is because there are many brands of derma rollers that have not been approved by the FDA. In addition, misuse of a derma roller can cause more harm than good. What you should do is find out which needle length is optimal for treating your skin condition. For instance, derma rollers with needles that are .5 MM in length are best for acne scars and facial skin rejuvenation. Men usually have thicker skin than women so 2.0 MM derma rolling needles are a good length for males that are treating stretch marks and scars on their torsos and limbs.

If you do decide to get your derma rolling treatments with a dermatologist then you will want to make sure that he or she has been trained to treat your specific skin condition. You will likely get better results in a shorter period of time because a dermatologist knows exactly how vigorously to use the derma roller and has access to medical grade creams. If you are able to pre-pay for your derma rolling sessions in advance most dermatologists will give you a substantial discount. Because skin needling is considered to be a cosmetic procedure the majority of insurers will not cover sessions.

Derma rolling at home is preferred by many because it is less expensive and more convenient than going to a dermatologist. Some people do not live in close proximity to dermatologists that are trained to use derma rollers. Whatever your reasons are you should purchase everything that you will need to treat your scars before you begin.

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Supplies Needed To Maximize Derma Rolling Results

After you have found an FDA approved derma roller with needles that are the right length for your skin treatment you will also want to purchase skin creams that will help to speed up the healing process. Emu oil, copper peptides, Vitamin E and any other lotions that contain collagen will help your skin to produce healthy, smooth skin. Pure shea butter and glycerin will help your skin to stay hydrated which also aids in the healing process.

Some people choose to sterilize their derma rollers after every use, but as long as you are only using it on yourself you will only need to disinfect it. Most derma roller manufacturers recommend using cold disinfecting liquids such as 90% isopropyl alcohol versus boiling water to keep the needles from breaking. You should always clean your derma rolling equipment directly before and after using to minimize the risk of infection.

As long as you follow all instructions carefully and take care of your skin as it heals between sessions then derma rolling will give you phenomenal results. It is normal to have inflamed, irritated and hyper pigmented skin, especially during the first few sessions. After a few sessions you should be able to see marked improvement, which will give you the motivation to continue on your journey towards blemish free skin.