Graphite Pencils

Derwent Graphite Pencils are pencils created from graphite and made in a wide range of various colors. These colors are very subtle, with earthly tones, . They have plenty of potential for the average artist, and are fun for the whole family to use, a essential addition to any hobbyist or serious artist or even the armature artist. I would recommend these pencils for any professional artist weather it be architectural drawing, fantasy artwork , realistic artwork right down to the artist who does it purely for a hobby. Derwent company has a history stretching right back when the first lot of graphite was mined in the 18oo which is the time they started producing there line of art products.

There are many possibilities one is yet to explore with the use of these pencils. But as a bit of a artist myself i have spent allot of time experimenting with these wonderful pencils. And finding out all different types of mediums one can use and the type of textures you can archive from them as well. They tend to blend very well with other colors, so you can still use them to create a master piece with a blend of mixed colors, they are excellent for the landscape artist painting a mountain background wanting to capture all of natures colors using a blend of different colored graphite pencils. You may also blend them with or in conjunction with watercolor washes and other colored pencils there's no limit to the mediums one may come up with as i did by testing and mixing.

Although they are great pencils to work with they do have a tendency to need frequent sharpening especially when using rough sketch paper. So if you are one that does detailed drawings using this kind of paper it it may pay to use a finely-toothed drawing paper on a steady drawing board. Depending on how big your project is there will obviously be wear from using your pencils. Derwent has a long history of creating the highest quality pencils since the 18 hundredths and have continued to dominate the art world with their variety of wonderful products. There are plenty of art stores who stock derwent art products, there would most certainly be one in your local area who has them. Or you could find them simply by looking for art shops and stores in your local directory book. If ever you take art seriously in the future or for a career then have a quality set of derwent art pencils is a must.