Automatic Gold Panner

The Desert Fox will help you find and keep all the gold you find. The Desert Fox is an advanced panning technique machine. The Desert Fox is an electric automated gold panning system. All you need to do is turn the machine on, add a scoop of sand a couple times per minute and the machine will automatically separate the gold and send it to a gold catch cup.

If you like to pan for gold but wish you could do it faster and more efficiently then you need the Desert Fox. The Desert Fox costs a bit over $300 but is worth every penny as you can rapidly earn back the money you spent on this machine by all the gold you can find.

The Desert Fox is built to last and comes with a 5 year warranty. It is easy to operate. Within 15 minutes you will have this gold retrieval machine mastered. If you can only buy one gold finding tool then this is the one. It is easy to operate and you can find a lot of gold that may not be possible with a traditional hand pan.

If you truly want to pan for gold then buy the Desert Fox gold pan machine. It will allow you to pan for hours without tiring and you will find much more gold then you would if you were simply panning by hand.

When you want to pan for gold and actually find gold then The Desert Fox gold machine is the one tool you cannot live without. Instead of panning by hand you simply scoop the sand into the electric pan and the machine does the rest. All of the gold found is automatically separated and at the end of the day you will have all the gold found automatically placed into a cup.

If you use this place where there are a lot of gold deposits such as the Stanley, Idaho area then you could easily earn the cost of this machine back in only a few sessions of using it. The Desert Fox is one awesome machine that will help you to find more gold. If there is gold in the stream The Desert Fox will get it for you.