A Desert Spring humidifier can be an excellent investment for healthier living. These humidifiers are conservative on water, as well as able to fit into any household budget. There are three types; a rotary disc humidifier, a drum-style humidifier, and a pulsed flow-through humidifier.

Each of these styles has its own set of characteristics, enabling buyers to choose the one best suited for his/her lifestyle. Rotary Disc Humidifier- This humidifier is 100 percent water efficient, as well as energy conserving.

It is able to make 1 gallon of humidity per every gallon of water. There is a drain-less system within this humidifier, in order to convert water to humidity with such efficiency.

A high performance humidifier such as this is equipped to produce 14 gallons of humidity a day, by using only cold water. Not only is this an efficient and conservative model, but it is also self-cleaning with its polycarbonate disc.

The warranty on this model is for 10 years. Drum-style Humidifier- An automatic draining feature on this humidifier enables drainage of the drum every 8 minutes. This process skims minerals off of the top of the internal water supply, extending the life of the drum by keeping mineral buildup to a minimum.

When installing on a cold-air return duct, this can be mounted on the right or left side of the air intake. Only 5 Watts of power is used by this style of humidifier. Easy instillation, durable construction, and a lifetime warranty make this humidifier an excellent buy.

Pulsed Flow-through Humidifier- The pulse action of this humidifier saves around 80% of the water it uses, compared to common flow-through humidifiers, due to a reduced need for water.

The pulsing action lasts from 2-4 seconds, which is just enough time to soak the evaporative pad. Once the pad is saturated, the valve is closed and humidity is made. Even though this has a pulse-action, instead of a continuous flow, it is very quiet.

This humidifier also has easy instillation and a lifetime warranty. This information should help with the purchase of a preferred Desert Spring humidifier.

They are extremely efficient and adding humidity to indoor air adds quality for healthier living and thats with the desert spring humidifier.