Thinking About going to Desert Sun Tanning Salon to acquire an indoor tan? Well, here's five hints to assist you to conserve time and cash on your trip.

You will need to make your appointment in advance. This salon is becoming increasingly popular as a result of positive customer experiences and reviews. The staff is professional and friendly. Plus, the salon itself is continually clean. As a result of these characteristics, the salon can get busy at times. Scheduling your appointments can be an excellent time-saver rather than walking in there without having one.

On the day of one's appointment, be sure that you just know what type of tanning package deal you want to purchase before you go. Desert Sun Tanning personnel are paid commissions when they market you lotions, eyewear, and supplemental packages or upgrades. They are widely acknowledged for having a persuasive sales pitch. If you are familiar with their packages ahead of you going there, then it is possible to confidently say no to any further upgrades that they may perhaps seek to provide and stick with your pre-selected package that will keep your extra cash in your wallet where it belongs.

An additional good tip would be to ask about any specials which are being promoted within the day of one's appointment and any upcoming or ongoing promotions. Special aren't posted and a number of consumers miss out on superior tanning offers. If you haven't currently scheduled your following appointment, make sure to schedule it during the promotional period. You also can check out the Desert Sun Tanning website to print out coupons. Make sure you verify the expiration date and time due to the fact some promotional coupons can only be utilized on that same day. You could also obtain extra coupons on the back of your receipt. The most preferred receipt coupon is the $10 coupon for new members. In case you aren't a new member, you can pass the savings on to a friend because the coupon is transferable.

Did you know that you simply can negotiate the price of one's tanning? Keep in mind that the workers here are commission-based so you'll be able to develop your personal deals. Just make sure what you want is fair to both parties. In other words, don't try to get 50 tans for $1. Be reasonable and you will nevertheless get a fine deal. In case you don't like the idea of presenting a counter-offer for the employees, you'll be able to hesitate and take your time mulling over their upgrade. Typically, they may automatically reduce the price for you if it appears the only issue holding them back from earning a commission may be the expense of the upgrade itself.

The last significant tip should be to bring your own personal eyewear protection and indoor tanning lotion. These items are offered for sale in the salon but they will be overpriced and you may conserve money bringing your own personal products. Desert Sun Tanning currently uses the following brands of tanning lotion: Swedish Beauty, Designer Skin, Mystic Tan, Matahari, California Tan, and Australian Gold. You possibly can save much more money by getting these from the manufacturers in bulk online than paying for them in the salon.