When you use your own images to make personalised photo gifts, or even your very own photo greeting cards, you’re making objects which will touch the heart of anyone who receives them. That’s because you’ve gone one step further than merely going to a shop and choosing something, and have instead created an item which contains a little bit of you and your personality.

In the past, whilst you might choose to have favourite pictures of your children, for example, re-printed and framed as gifts for doting grandparents, that was more or less as far as the process could go. The idea of using your own images to manufacture personalised Christmas gifts was one which seemed totally impossible, such was the nature of the development and printing process and the state of the actual finished photographs themselves. Digital photography, however, has made it possible for anyone with a digital camera to imagine, create and design personalised photo gifts of all shapes and sizes.

It’s not merely about sticking a picture into a frame, onto a mug or inside an album. The technology available to absolutely everyone today, however, means that it is possible to do things with an image which would once have seemed ridiculous. When you’re out Christmas shopping, for example, looking around a Christmas gift shop, the chances are that you’ll be tempted to pick up a novelty snow globe or two, if only to give as cheap and cheerful stocking fillers. Whilst it’s likely to raise a smile, it won’t have anything like the impact of the same item built around a photograph from your own collection. Making an object such as this is now virtually as easy as buying one which has been mass produced, and the same is true for a plethora of other photo gifts, from large luxury items right the way down to humble photo greeting cards.

The key to the whole process is that the technology has been designed to be as user friendly as is possible. In years gone by the production of gifts using your own photographs would have been something which required specialised equipment and years of experience if not actual training. Now, however, everything has been boiled down to a handful of simple steps. The first of these, and in many ways the trickiest, is to choose the images which you think would best suit the Christmas photo gifts you have in mind. Then upload these images to the website and follow the precise, logical instructions, set out to allow you to alter and modify every facet of the gift, from a selection of personalised Christmas cards to a hi tech photo album which allows you to store many years worth of images and share them with friends and loved ones all over the world. Whatever the nature of the individual gift, you can be certain that it will be manufactured and put together to the highest possible standard. Just because it’s personal won’t mean it’s amateur. Not only will it be unique, but it will be a match for anything you could buy from the mass produced ranks on the shelves of high street department stores.

Whether you’re designing photo greeting cards using favourite pictures of your own children and pets, or putting together personalised photo gifts which turn your memories into top quality works of art, you’ll be creating objects which stand out from the crowd and show, as clearly as possible, just how much of an effort you’ve made.