Adobe Photoshop CS5 is the latest software package that will help you design stunning website graphics and layouts. This industry standard combines the latest and greatest in photo editing, painting and creating 3D images. If you’re contemplating about upgrading, rest assured that Photoshop CS5 has many new capabilities allowing you to tackle a whole array of tasks in addition to improving on the ways to do commonly performed tasks.

The Content Aware Fill tool is a nifty Photoshop CS5 feature that lets users extract a selected part of an image to replace with an appropriate background to blend in better with the overall picture. It’s a more sophisticated combination of the Clone Stamp and Patch tools that’s able to take multiple pieces of a background and weave them together to produce an awesome naturally blended effect. You can use it to seamlessly remove certain objects from an image and the result will look natural as it preserves lighting effects, great for creating new website graphics. It’s not perfect though – images with complicated background patterns may require a bit of a manual fix-up but for the most part it works well.

The Puppet Warp is another new Photoshop CS5 transformative tool that allows you to stretch image elements and text to produce interesting new effects. The video on the Photoshop CS5 official site uses the example of the image of an elephant and letting the user change the position of its trunk from being straightened to a more curvier look, all while preserving realism. It lets you place a set of points on the image to define an image element to manipulate. This lets you create cool website graphics by simply tweaking existing pictures to suit your needs – for example, changing the positions of a person’s limbs.

High dynamic range (HDR) features from CS4 have been improved on in Photoshop CS5 and are collectively referred to as HDR Pro. The HDR toning tool can save you the hassle of having to take multiple image shots on your camera just to play around with HDR – you can adjust the HDR like tone mapping and color treatment settings for a given picture.

Making selections within images has been an easier task thanks to enhancements made in Photoshop CS5. Applying the Quick Selection tool on an image often results in missing parts. The new Refine Edge tool comes with an Edge Detection option that does a much better job in picking up the missing features in the quick selection. This lets you capture all the intricate details at the edges in your selection – letting you grab all the whiskers and hairs when selecting a cat’s head from an image for example.

Upgrading to Photoshop CS5 from earlier versions is a $200 investment. If you buy the software brand new, it’ll cost $1000, but it’s an indispensible tool for professional website graphics designers and simply the best product out there on the market.