If you are the owner of a small kitchen and you are looking to improve it, there are three main concepts to consider. These concepts are lighting, appliances and of course storage. Most of you will probably think that if is difficult to design a small kitchen in a professional way, hopefully this article will help you.

One thing to understand straight away is the fact that you will need to spend a little time on this to see the results. You will need to consider all the options for your specific requirements, your options for storage for example will differ to the next home owner.

To get the results you desire you will also need to be a little creative in the way you go about this. This article is intended to get the brain generating some cool ideas for you and your kitchen design.

  • Why not have an island in the middle of your kitchen? It will be a great area that is not only accessible by all family members but is also another place you can keep your belongings.
  • Why not try a galley kitchen design? By going with this kind of design will generate a little extra space for you by lining up your cabinets and belongings.
  • Why aren't you looking for smaller kitchen appliances? With many manufactures targeting those houses where space is an issue, there can be no excuse for not having small microwaves and other kitchen appliances.
  • Why not create an eating area? Save space with a drop down table so the family can eat together. You can even use some of the countertops in your kitchen already!
  • Have you tried using lights? Try using different lighting options such as putting them underneath cabinets or on top of cupboards. You will find that if you experiment with lighting you could really convey the impression that your kitchen is bigger than it really is.
  • How deep are your countertops? By getting deeper countertops you will already be at an advantage because you will have more space to put in things such as microwaves and toasters etc.
  • Have you tried hanging things? By hanging things such as pots and pans you will be taking advantage of one of the best storage options you can do for your kitchen. Take a look at all the stuff in your kitchen and consider hanging it on doors or inside cupboards etc.
  • How big is your sink? If you have a small sink then you will be losing out on some more storage potential, you could be saving yourself a ton of space when washing dishes with a bigger sink. Not only that but bigger sinks are a lot more practical for the long run of your kitchen.
You will find that you are not alone in the fact you have a smaller kitchen. Browsing all the professional kitchen brochures you couldn't be blamed for thinking you were the only one.

All you really need to do to get a great looking small kitchen is to get creative or hire someone that is. By doing the work and considering all your options you will find that your kitchen will end up looking very professional and a great centrepiece for your house.