Birthdays are celebrated worldwide, signifying the day of a person's birth. The birhtday cake has been an important part of the birthday celebration since the middle nineteenth century. There are many milestone birthdays that are momentous to someone. These may include(but not limited to) their first, fifth, tenth, subsequently eighteen and twenty- first birthday. Perhaps an, "Over The Hill" party would be arranged to celebrate the big 4-0. The birthday when you turn the same age as your birth date of birth is referred to as the golden birthday ie. turning 20 on the 20th.

There is no greater way to say happy birthday than with a birthday cake. Some of the most common cake flavors are chocolate, yellow, & strawberry. Additionally ice cream cakes are a favorite to many. Special cake pan molds to make cakes into certain shapes such as a fish, heart, and many more are available online and in stores. A birthday cake is all about the guest of honor, they can be as individual as the person receiving it.

Often children find theme cakes appealing, possibly embellished with one of the most popular TV characters. Young boys may like Nickelodeon characters whereas older boys flip over sports theme cakes. Disney and Princess themes are common for little girls. Older girls tend to enjoy a simple cake with fancy writing or popular technical items such as computers, cell phones or ipods. You can purchase these beautifully decorated cakes from a grocery store, bakery or you can make them yourself.

An essential part of the birthday cake are the candles. Available in all colors, shapes,& sizes. Trick candles, signing candles, numbered candles the list goes on and on. You'll want to include the rituals of signing Happy Birthday, making a wish and blowing out the candles at your birthday bash.

Adults may prefer cupcakes ( a small cake designed to serve one person) to celebrate their birthday. To beautify cupcakes you may purchase decorated baking cups or liners. The cupcake itself may be decorated just as you would a larger cake. Sprinkles, candies and candles can be used to decorate these as well.

For some people the birthday cake may be the highlight of the birthday. Getting a special theme cake or ice cream cake should be something they remember for years to come. It is important to start planning the birthday party weeks in advance. I am positive your effort will be well worth the joy it will bring the receiver.

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