Gone are the days when you have to buy a shoe in a color picked out by the shoe company. More and more shoe companies are allowing their customers to pick out a hoe and select what colors it will be. Some shoe companies even allow you to choose they type of leather or fabric used on some of their athletic shoes.

Generally you will pay more money for the custom shoes. If you have feet that are different sizes such as one foot is a size 9 and the other is a size 9 1/2 then a design your own show option is excellent as it allows you to order the lCustom Chuck Taylorseft and right shoe in different sizes depending upon your foot needs.


Nike has developed the NikeID system in which the shoe company allows you to select a shoe and then change around colors, fabric, and other items depending upon the shoe.

NikeId allows you to select a shoe and change the colors of it. You get to see your shoe as you design it. Some shoes allow you to simply change the shoe colors. Other Nike shoes will allow you to select the fabric. You can also add your own name or logo to the shoe.

With the Nike Air Pegasus shoe you can:

  • select the colors of the shoe
  • select a road sole or a sole designed for off road use
  • Mesh fabric or Gore-Tex fabric
  • Custom Name
  • Color Of laces
  • Pillion Color
  • Midsole Color
  • Midsole Material

Each shoe that Nike has available for you to design your own shoe has certain things you can design and change around. Even if you do not buy your shoe from the website you can still design your own shoe. It is lot's of fun.

Nike has the more options available to design your own shoe online then any other shoe company offers.


Converse allows you to design you own shoes online. You can select the iconic Chuck Taylor All Star shoe, the Jack Purcell shoes, a court shoe, or an old school skate shoe.

  • With the Chuck Taylors you can select:
  • Low top, high top, or extra high top
  • Fabric type of suede, canvas, or leather

Converse then allows you to change the colors of all parts of the shoe including the laces, sole, and heel color. You can also add a custom name to the shoe.

EtniesCustom Etnies Skate Shoes

Skateboard shoe makes Etnies allows you to design your own shoes online. If you wear a size 15 and like skate shoes then Etnies is the place you want to go. The custom shoes at Etnies are very similar to regular retail of non custom shoes.

There are many other shoe companies that allow you to design your own shoes online including

  • Keds
  • Vans
  • Puma
  • Adidas
  • K-Swiss
  • Reebok

If you are a woman who likes sexy pumps and high heels then you can design your own shoe at AtelierShoes.com

There are many shoes you can design online. If you want to have a pair of shoes that no one else has then design your own shoes online.