Making the decision to get tattooed a very important one. Whether you choose to do it for religious reasons, to make a fashion statement or to cover body defects, the decision is not a light one and should be taken very seriously. Mostly all tattoo parlors have designs that you can choose from. However, seeing as though this tattoo is going to be a permanent part of you, you may as well choose a design that is unique and special to you. You can design your perfect tattoo that will be the envy of others.

Begin to jot down ideas in a notebook. What is that means something to you. Is it a particular flower? Your child's baby footprint? The name or face of a deceased loved one?


Your favorite line in a song or poem.? Write down all of your ideas in your "tattoo dreams" notebook. Make drawings of images you see in your daily environment. If you can't draw, just collection the pictures for now.

There are great websites online that have fantastic ideas. Make notes on what kinds of textures you are looking for. Do you want bold and colorful or do you want matte and conservative. Jot these down in your notebook as well. While you are online, you may find a perfect design for your tattoo.

Get a removable tattoo that you can put on and wash off. You want to get the feel of wearing a tattoo. Put in where you decided to get your real tattoo to see how an actual tattoo will look there. Try to get a temporary tattoo that is close to your "dream tattoo" that you want to create yourself. Wear it for as long as possible.

After your brainstorming sessions and wearing a temporary tattoo for a while, you are now ready to design your perfect tattoo. If you cannot draw, get a friend to do it for you. You can also take your "dream notebook" with all your ideas to the parlor where you will get your ink done. Ask the person doing your tattoo to do a pre sketch for you. Make sure the image is exactly as you want it before you have it done.

Now that you have designed your perfect tattoo and got it done, take care of your new body art. Follow all post care instructions very carefully to promote healing and prevent infection.

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